Gina Duke Impacts Groups Everywhere She Speaks!

Not Your Typical Speaker

I pride myself on being a thought-leader who can introduce new concepts and ideas to my audience. I spend a lot of time in research for my talks, and I allow my years of experience to inform my content when preparing to speak at corporate events. For ministry opportunities, I am an expository teacher of scripture. Your group will leave with new biblical knowledge, spiritual insights and actionable truths that will be life-changing to their faith walk.

A Helpful Spirit Focused on Results

There is nothing I love to do more than helping people and organizations move forward with a plan, process, structure, and strategy. You can see it in everything I do.

Review my speaking menu below. Keep in mind that I am available for both in-person and virtual events. I am happy to customize my presentation for you.

Building a Culture that Drives Your Business or Ministry

What if your leaders understood what it means to build a culture that drives your business? What if they began creating strategies for their function that delivered results for your organization’s key performance indicators?

In this talk, I share proven actionable strategies for defining each leader’s function so that each element of their span of control will be aligned with your company’s

desired culture for driving the business. It comes down to how your organization can provide just enough structure for people to effectively engage in your success strategy. Your group will also benefit from learning and adapting my Leadership Maxims.

My strategy principles along with scripture can be adapted for churches and ministry businesses.

Available as:
Half-Day Workshop (In Person or Virtual)
Full-Day Workshop (In Person or Virtual)
Ongoing Training and Consulting
Custom Configuration

Prayer Retreats

In 2013, Abingdon Press released my book about the gift of structured prayer journaling. Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray went on to be named BEST Book on prayer in 2014 by Christian Retailing.

From my years of structured prayer journaling, I have learned so much about the spiritual discipline of prayer, and I enjoy imparting tips and insight to others. Your group will learn new things about prayer that will be interesting and engaging. My talk on prayer is not trite or tired, but truly life-changing to one’s prayer life. I can speak on prayer or lead prayer journaling workshops.

Available as:
Half-Day Event or Workshop (In Person or Virtual)
Full-Day Event or Workshop (In Person or Virtual)
Weekend Retreat

Women’s Conference Speaker

Even though I love the topic of prayer, I love studying the Bible just as much. Over the years, I have spoken at many women’s conferences and am able to match my message to your event’s theme. I enjoy ministering the Word of God and encouraging women of God. I am a storyteller, with a sense of humor. Ultimately, the women in your audience will hear the

truth of scripture and leave uplifted by the Spirit of God.

Available as:
Half-Day Event (In Person or Virtual)
Full-Day Event (In Person or Virtual)
Breakout Sessions (In Person or Virtual)
Custom Configuration

Influencer Conferences

I self-published the eBook, Publishing Dreams: Everything You Should Be Doing Right Now to Get a Book Deal Without an Agent. I have learned a lot throughout the years of my publishing journey. I have continued to have published works for Proverbs 31 Ministries, iDisciple and Jennifer Rothschild’s WomensMinistry.Net. Topics I can speak to are:

  1. Lessons learned from my Publishing Story,
  2. How to Turn Your Book Idea into a Unique Idea,
  3. How to Get the Advantage with Your Book’s Premise,
  4. How to Research and Add the Facts,
  5. How to Network and Get Endorsements,
  6. How to Become a Strategy-based Platform Builder,
  7. How to Start Writing Your Book Proposal,
  8. How to Get in Front of Publishers,
  9. How to Start the Writing Process.

Available as:
Keynote (In Person or Virtual)
Session Speaker (In Person or Virtual)

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Is your team in need of a breakthrough? Are they stuck, making little progress forward? What if you had a meeting facilitator for your event who could bring clarity to the team? Throughout my corporate experience, I have learned several brainstorming techniques like how to lead an 8D and conduct force-field analysis work for groups along with Hoshin Planning. I can assist you with your organization’s strategic planning session.

My facilitation methods may be used for strategic planning meetings in both ministry and the marketplace.

Available as:
Half-Day Sessions (In Person or Virtual)
Full-Day Sessions (In Person or Virtual)
Breakout Sessions (In Person or Virtual)

5 Reasons You Will Be Glad
You Asked Me to Speak at Your Event


There is not one thing I teach that I have not experienced for myself. I can back up my talking points with personal stories.


I am committed to your event’s success. I spent six years in a role where I led large events, so I am super sensitive to the event planner’s needs. My tips for marketing your event have been considered a best practice and highlighted in other speaker’s promo kits.


The topics I teach and speak on are strategic and life-giving. These ideas will be fresh and new and will make a marked difference for your group.


I am down-to-earth and have been told that I have a unique speaking style that simplifies complex topics.


I love telling stories and weaving humor into my talk where appropriate.

What Others are Saying …

Speaking Topics

Speaking at women’s conferences is near and dear to my heart because I love ministering the Word of God. As such, I consider myself an expository Bible teacher and speaker. I will be sharing the scripture in a very useful and unique way. I am happy to customize my message to match your theme, otherwise, my main topics are:

Prayer and The Gift of Structured Prayer Journaling

Based upon 1 Peter 4:7

The Less-Than Cure: Biblical Remedies for Resolving Your Less Than Finer Moments

A Unique Perspective on the Woman at the Well that can help resolve guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

Courageous in Your Own Skin: An Insightful and Self-Discovery Talk About Spiritual Growth & Maturity

Based upon Joshua 1:9; it promotes church engagement.

Speaking Sample Video