It is a book about prayer, a devotional, a journal and an organizer in one resource! So, please DO NOT purchase the Kindle version if you want to use the prayer journal organizer, which makes up the majority of the book.

A few things you will learn from “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” — How to:

  • Offer up meaningful worship
  • Grow Spiritually by overcoming sin
  • Hear God with clarity
  • Experience the pleasure of obedience
  • Become a proactive Ambassador of Christ
  • Discern God’s calling for your life
  • Remember prayer requests
  • Learn how to pray with scripture, and
  • Develop faith and confidence in the
    Sovereignty of God.

Do you need a prayer closet organizer? I can help with my new book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New & Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press).

This award-winning book illuminates the importance and power of prayer as the best connection to the source of all strength. It breaks down tough spiritual concepts into practical exercises with 60 weekly worksheets that guide and equip you on a yearlong prayer journey.

Organizing Your Prayer Closet is not only a book that helps you learn to pray, but will also facilitate it for you. With the inclusion of a 60-week structured prayer journal, you cannot fail in prayer, but will be more focused and effective. There are 10 chapters that discuss each of the 10 compartments of the Prayer Closet Organizer. I share personal stories, thought-provoking questions, sample prayers, prayer tips and prayer quotes from famous theologians. This book will revolutionize your prayer life!