It’s no secret 2020 has been a crappy year in many ways.  But like everything bad, it can be redeemed!

This thought-provoking little eBook will help you make sense of yourself, life and God in 2020. It’s a self-evaluation and plan on how to redeem what is perhaps the crappiest year of your life.

In just 40 short pages, award-winning author Gina Duke will walk you through facts, personal thoughts and thought-provoking questions to help you redeem 2020. What does it mean to redeem this year, you may ask? Redemption turns something that is bad into something great!

You can take this terrible year and end it well.  You can finish strong.  You get to decide. 

But even more than this, the enclosed self-evaluation and plan can be the springboard to thrust you into a new and greater direction for this new decade.  The goal is that when you look back at 2020, you will recognize it as the year you made that significant change in your life, not just survived a year of sickness, death and destruction.

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