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You deserve a beautiful lifestyle of faith, order and influence that I like to call LFOI. I love being the giver of good stuff for this endeavor for faith-filled female leaders like you.
Each one of these items were designed to help you implement this fabulous lifestyle. Enjoy your LFOI and lead well!

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women's ministry consensus building tool
Women's Ministry Assessment Tool
Women's Ministry Loads of Love Label


You have been called to lead. And whether that is in ministry or the marketplace, my goal is to be that one colleague you can count on for encouragement, coaching, and clarity.

I know what it’s like to be a new leader where everyone is depending on you to lead the way when the reality is that you haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

Although you are a Christian, do you desire to be a Spirit-led Leader? Even though you are a person of faith, are you lacking faith in your own leadership abilities right now?

In my leadership roles as a Director of Women’s Ministry and as a Human Resources Executive, I have developed processes and strategies that yielded desired results, and I can help you excel in your leadership role, too!