A New Pinterest Pin for You When You Feel Engulfed by Daily Issues

If you feel tossed about by the day-to-day issues, unexpected changes and a sense of hopelessness about how to deal with those things, then remember that God’s Word, His precepts, is your daily guide. If you mistakenly believe that reading the Bible is boring, then you.are.missing.out. my friend! Over time, you will find that the wisdom you will glean from reading scripture is the very…


From My Prayer Closet: Overcoming Anxiousness in Prayer

Have you ever been so grieved over a matter that you thought you might lose it…in public? This is how I felt last Sunday at church. It is not that I don’t feel that I can’t cry at church, but I wanted to break down and sob, and I just felt that I needed to hold it together. I am the kind of “suffer-in-silence” type….

A Pinterest Pin to Point You to the Cross

I came across this awesome quote in an article by Ed Stetzer in the Jan/Feb issue of Outreach magazine. Every message a Christian shares should be based upon the miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It reminds me to not present the gospel or create a message that could be just as easily accomplished by positive thinking, self-confidnce or other self-help teachings. May every message…