I’ve Got Some Christmas Goodies for You!

Here we are…days away from Christmas and a brand new year. How are ya feeling??? I’m currently battling illness, but I am hopeful! As we wrap up 2021, I will be highlighting all the goodies I’ve provided since the onset of my new podcast, The Gina Duke Show, that will be instrumental in helping you set up the New Year. I also have two great…

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Gift Yourself With a Giddy and Guiltless Christmas!

Christmas brings the fun, but it is also a holiday for reflecting upon the Christ. Can the two be compatible? Of course, they can! In this week’s episodes of my podcast, The Gina Duke Show, I have special guest Erin Harrigan in episode 38. She shares Four (4) Keys to Redefine Hustle and Escape Overwhelm for Ambitious Christian Women. In episode 39, I share how…

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You Were Created for More…Plan Accordingly

That’s right! I said it! You were designed for more than you know Boss-Sister! So the next question is – how do you access it? This is one of my most favorite topics and yet it stumps so many – Prayer! Now, don’t hit the snooze button Phyllis! The misconceptions about prayer is that it is either very boring or too daunting. If you feel…

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I’m Committed to Giving You Everything I Have – Here’s 4 Things

Boss-Sister – I mean it when I say I want to give you everything! I don’t know if it is because I was an only child or what, but I am a uber private person; however, I will be completely transparent with you (to a fault almost) if it will help you in life and leadership. There is a lot to be said for equipping….

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Carry This with You

Empathy. If there is one thing we need more of, especially as leaders, it is empathy for others. In this week’s podcast episodes of The Gina Duke Show, which are uniquely different from one another, you will hear stories that I hope will move you to more empathy toward others, especially other women. We can be very quick to be so judge-y and insensitive, can’t…

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Leave Here More Brave

I hate to sound so dramatic, but you will leave this blog post more brave than you came, if you take my words of advice seriously in this week’s podcast episode. In episode 28 (an INFLUENCE episode), I train you how to use my newest leadership maxim to regain control of and redirect runaway conversations in male-dominated meetings. If you are a female leader on…