Let’s get something started! That seems to be my theme for my podcast, The Gina Duke Show, this week. Whether it’s how to start your day right, as I share in episode 56 or how to march into a new month right, as I talk about in episode 57. I am sharing a new maxim, a golden process and ideas to prepare you for Lenten season.

Would You Like to Start Your Day Off Right Every Day!

I have the secret! What would it take for your day to get off on the right foot? What if you could hit the ground running in checking off your to-do list at work or at home everyday? I found the secret to this in an unlikely place, and it is serving me well.  And I am happy to share it with you! The best part is that I have a new leadership maxim and process to introduce to you! Listen in HERE.

Start March with a Prepared Heart!

Hey Boss-Sister, we are literally marching into a new month – MARCH! And we are taking a peak into what that new month has in store for us. I see a brand new Lenten Season, starting with Ash Wednesday on March 2nd. Now is the time to start planning for this precious time. Listen in HERE.

The Perfect Guide for Doing Lent Together

Prayer is a cornerstone for the Lenten Season. I recommend my structured prayer journal as an interactive prayer guide for your group. Lent activities also include growth and spiritual disciplines, and this is a perfect way to grow in your relationship with God. Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press) includes a 60 week structured prayer journal. You can make your purchase HERE at my affiliate link where I will make a small profit from your purchase.


As a free gift for taking part of this LFOI experiment with me, I have a 15-page LFOI Framework Guide so that you can build your own personal framework for a Lifestyle of Faith, Order & Influence: https://ginaduke.com/podcast-resources/

Let’s build community in my private Facebook Group for The Gina Duke Show so we can LFOI together – Ha! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ginadukepodcast

One of the best things you can do to have more order in your life, is to have an organized approach to your prayer life.  Grab yourself a copy of my award-winning book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press) https://amzn.to/3BWt2rw This is an affiliate link where I will be paid a small amount of money for your purchase that goes to support my ministry. Thank you!

For coaching, consulting, or collaboration, contact me here: https://ginaduke.com/contact-gina/

You can also follow me @TheGinaDuke on Instagram where I like to post pics of my junk journal inspired prayer journals. You just might want one for yourself!   

Thank you for stopping by! Please tell ALL your girlfriends and female colleagues about the Gina Duke Show for faith-filled female leaders who want to grow in faith, order & influence. 

Enjoy your LFOI and lead on sister!

This week’s setup of my junk-journal inspired structured prayer journal, Organizing Your Prayer Closet (Abingdon Press)

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