Opposites do attract – ha! I just had to say this because in this week’s two episodes of The Gina Duke Show podcast I go from one spectrum of leadership to the other. In episode 46 you learn what it takes to be a Proverbs 28:1 bold and noble leader, and how admonishment can assist you on that journey. Then in episode 47, I am going to share the importance of going after premium self-care days. Yes Phyllis, I said premium self-care days! Did you know that you may have up to four (that’s 4!) built-in days already in your calendar? All you need to do is claim them!!!

Be a Bold and Noble Leader Among the Not-So-Much

This is going to require us to have the ability and know-how on how to do the hard stuff, like address acts of poor leadership and bad behaviors in our organizations. If you are wondering what that even looks like, I am sharing my methodologies and even those times I have had another professional admonish me, and I am glad they did for my own professional growth. Listen in to episode 46 HERE of The Gina Duke Show Podcast!

Make the Most Out of Opportunities for Premium Self-Care

In my mini planning episode 47 HERE of The Gina Duke Show Podcast, you will leave with one of two thoughts – that I am either the most unromantic person you have ever met, OR that I am an extreme planner. But more importantly, you are going to walk away with a new mindset, outlook, fresh ideas, and planning skills to make the most out of your every opportunity to indulge in some premium self-care days that you may have not been aware existed, until now. You are welcome!

For Women’s Ministry Leaders!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have blog post HERE for you with ideas on how to minister to the single gals at your church. Since writing this several years ago, an idea for Galentine’s events have emerged, so that is also another possibility.

If you prefer watching video over listening to a podcast, then you are in for a treat with these below!


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Enjoy your LFOI and lead on sister!

This week’s setup in my structured prayer journal of the award-winning Organizing Your Prayer Closet’s book (Abingdon Press).
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