Happy New Year!!! I’ve got all the things to help you start your New Year off right, Boss-Sister! In episode 42, I am sharing how to keep a winning and positive perspective when the going gets tough. Believe me, it will serve you well. In episode 43, I share a really clever calendar planning tool that you can use to both communicate plans and your commitment to the team. Contact me if you would like me to send you one! Also, I recorded these segments and posted them to my YouTube channel. I’ll post them at the end.

But here is what I really want you to know – my structured prayer journaling masterclass starts this Sunday night! You can find all the details HERE!

Keep the Right Perspective

I believe that God is going to do some pretty amazing things in your life this year, but I am also a realist who knows that the enemy is going to try to rattle you with some unexpected and daunting situations when you least expect it.  As such, I have a new Life & Leadership Maxim; it’s called Hide & Watch! Can you tell it has a scrappy attitude?  It sure does! In this episode, you will learn a quick and easy exercise that will help you maintain trust in God and yourself when the going gets tough.  This is not only a Faith episode, but an equipping one, too!  Enjoy!!!

Communicate Your Commitment

It’s a New Year, which calls for a new calendar. I have a great tool that I have used for years that not only communicated plans with my team, but also let them know that I was committed to these initiatives month after month.  Basically, I was debunking the idea that any of my initiatives were just a flavor of the month idea.  One of the keys to a leader’s success is the ability to follow through with important commitments.  This calendar demonstrates such a commitment.  Listen in HERE.

Week 1 of my new structured prayer journal – Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press)
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