Empathy. If there is one thing we need more of, especially as leaders, it is empathy for others. In this week’s podcast episodes of The Gina Duke Show, which are uniquely different from one another, you will hear stories that I hope will move you to more empathy toward others, especially other women. We can be very quick to be so judge-y and insensitive, can’t we? I know I can. But what if we could have more empathy? Empathy is “the ability or practice of imagining or trying to deeply understand what someone else is feeling or what it’s like to be in their situation,” according to Dictionary.com. The older I get, the longer I live, the more I experience in this life, the more empathetic I am toward others. Living through many trials and tribulations can disarm us, and help us to recognize and appreciate other’s life difficulties. In episode 30, my guest, Shelby Hohsfield, shares how she left a heavily works-based religion for a relationship with Jesus. In the mini planning session of episode 31, I share how I recognize the hard work and hospitality of the women who open their homes to host holiday events. Show notes are below.

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Episode 30: Are You Prone to Be Works-based to Compensate for Not Being Enough?  Shelby Hosfield Shares What it is Like to Leave Religion for a Relationship with Jesus \\ FAITH Episode. Listen in HERE.

You are going to love my guest Shelby Hohsfield; I’m just going to go ahead and call it! She is precious.  She has such an interesting faith story and today we dissect her journey to finding relationship with Jesus over having just a religion.  She also has a podcast called Finding Faith Above where she focuses on women who are new to the Christian faith. Shelby is an entrepreneur and started her very first business of providing horse riding lessons at the age of 13. Her unique story will bless you in today’s Faith episode.  I will have all of her contact information in my show notes below. Welcome to episode #30. 

Hey Women’s Ministry Leader

Growing up in a small Kentucky town in the 70’s, I only knew two kinds of people: those who went to church and those who knew they should. I was actually in my early 30’s before I was exposed to people with other faith backgrounds like Christian Science and Mormon. It was later in life when I also met and became friends with women who not only were not raised in church, but had no to little understanding about Jesus. It was this exposure that help mature me into a better women’s ministry leader. When we realize that not all women were raised in church, it helps us to be more inclusive in our actions and words toward the women in our groups, which will invite them to come closer and learn more about Jesus. This was my take away from episode 30.

Episode 31 – Are You Sure You Have Thought of Everything for Thanksgiving? I Recently Realized Something and Now I Must Do It Every Holiday \\ Mini Planning Session. Listen in HERE.

You are going to be getting a double portion in this mini planning session. If you have been following along in my last couple of mini planning sessions, and executing on my tips then you are probably in pretty good shape for Thanksgiving already.  By now you should have your Thanksgiving groceries secured..I have to use the word secured, because you know….shortages on grocery stores are real.  By the 2nd day of November I had my Thanksgiving groceries and paper products. And I am ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  If this is not you, it can be you boss-sister.  Join me for today’s mini planning session.  Welcome to episode 31.

Welcome to one of my mini planning sessions where I am walking through the calendar with you. The main goal of this mini segment is to minister to the woman who leads.  So lets get ready to update the holiday to-do list.  I actually had two separate topics that I was debating on which one to go with but then I realized that these two topics actually go hand in hand.  They are actually an either / or that most likely will apply to you at some point over the holidays. 

So at some point within the next 2 months, you will either be the hostess or the guestess – lol, guest at someone’s home, whether friends or family.  Regardless of whether you host or guest, they both require some preparation. I have planning tips for both.

Today I am sharing how to divide the housekeeping chores over the next four weeks, and sharing ideas for hostess gifts (links are below!)

But first, let’s check in with our LFOI practices.  It’s the first week of the month. As you know by day 2 of the month, we have a rule of thumb that we look ahead through the month and already made our purchases.  When you do this, you will feel a huge sense of relief.  I have done this.  I have 2 main events this month – fall family pictures and Thanksgiving.  As for the family photos, I already have my dress because I started searching for the perfect cottagcore style dress way back at episode 17, so listen in to see how Taylor Swift had a personal hand in this. 

Let’s start with hosting. For years I hosted Thanksgiving… cleaning tasks…I think it is because I don’t have the gift of Hospitality, which btw I do not believe is a spiritual gift, but I do believe it’s a super power.  My daughter is happy to host and she is not going to sweat it. 

Get a game plan together.  Make a list of what cleaning tasks you want to tackle and then divide them up by 4. You have exactly 4 weeks until Thanksgiving so this will help you determine how many things you can get done before then.  But again, don’t sweat this because people truly just want to be together, especially after not being able to last year. Thanks be to God that we are not where we were last year.  The key to enjoying the holidays when you are hosting is preparation. 

Now on to being a guest. If you have ever hosted holiday events you know all the planning and cleaning that goes into preparation – we just covered some of it.  Keep in mind that more than just the prepping for the event but when you are hosting you cannot enjoy the event as much as if you are a guest bc there is always something to do or replenish.

If you think there is nothing for you to do beyond showing up with a dish, hold up! There is something else that I’ve become aware of over the last several years.  You may already do this…I’m talking about hostess gifts.  Do you give gifts to your hosts?  A few years ago, I attended an etiquette workshop and found it to be so fascinating.  I have to admit that I hadn’t thought much about giving hostess gifts until then. Now, I wouldn’t dare go to someone’s home for an event without taking gift  When you think about this, it makes perfect sense.  Think about how much work goes into hosting people in your home?  It’s a very thoughtful gesture to give a hostess gift.  I like blessing my hostesses in this way. 

Because I’ve made this a habit, I have built up a small stash of neat little hostess gifts.  If you need to get some gifts for your hostesses, I have some links in my show notes for some good options.  But some simple and common gifts are bottles of wine, flowers and candles.  Go ahead and pick these items up so you will be ready to thank your holiday hostess!

Come on over to my private fb group where we will be discussing this topic some more this week. 

Okay; I don’t want to keep you any longer, because girl, I know you are busY!

Below are affiliate links where I will receive a small fee for any of your purchases.

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Charcuterie Board https://amzn.to/3pZNhkC

Wine bag for bottle of wine https://amzn.to/3ED8xk0


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