The common theme from this week has revolved around how to be more mindful. My two topics from the two episodes of my podcast were both very different from the other; yet I couldn’t help notice how important it is to be mindful in order to accomplish both. This week on my podcast of The Gina Duke Show, I had my very first guest. Jennifer Booth, host of The Planning Woman podcast, joined me in an ORDER episode to discuss paper management in episode #26. She even touched on mind management, which really peaked my interest. In my mini planning session in episode #27, I give you some practical things to consider if you are working remotely with your spouse. You will want to get both your planner and LFOI Framework Guide out for this one because I am going to blow your mind with my new favorite housekeeping hack! Show notes with links are below (except for the interview)

Is Your Mind Overwhelmed by the Amount of Incoming? Let Me Introduce You to the Genius of Mind and Document Management with The Planning Woman, Jennifer Booth | Listen in HERE.

You probably try to avoid this one thing, as I often and admittedly do.  Every time you see it, it feels like a dark cloud hanging over your head. You are probably curious about what I am carrying on about and it is something simple, yet can be very daunting.  It’s papers!  Every day you are receiving papers in the mail, in your inbox, at work, from your kids, and everywhere else.  Paper is like water.  Documents can be a lot of positive and useful things to us.  Paper can be in the form of a much-needed check in the mail.  It can be a card from a dear friend sending encouragement.  It can be vital medical test results you’ve been waiting to see.  But it can also feel like a flood of things you don’t have the proper bandwidth of time or energy to give to it.  So, if you are like me, it just piles up, calling your name every time you walk by it, taunting you and staring you down. I know boss-sister, you’ve got those pesty documents haunting you at work too!  Well, today, we are having another Order episode. 

I have my very first guest on today’s podcast episode – The Planning Woman, Jennifer Booth, who is going to speak a little about mind organization and mostly about paper organization – the two are related! 

Jennifer Booth is the founder of The Planning Woman where she equips women to declutter their mind, home, and life so they can live out what matters most. She is also the host of the podcast Live It Out With The Planning Woman. 

Jennifer lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with her husband Steven. They have two college-aged children and are learning to love the empty-nest life. Jennifer has graciously gifted my listeners with some goodies – Go get them here: to

Jennifer’s website is Her Instagram is And Her Facebook is

Ep 27 – Have You Found It Hard Cohabitating with Your “Co-Worker” Spouse Since Going Remote? I’ve Got Some Recommendations and Mind-Blowing Hack for You \\ Mini Planning Session | Listen HERE.

You may find today’s episode a little shocking and surprising.  Welcome to this mini planning episode where I not only want to look at our calendars together, but I also want to provide you with some clever planning tips. So more than shocking and surprising, I hope you will find today’s episode helpful.  We are moving toward the end of October in 2021, how are you doing? I trust you are ready with all the candy to handout at Halloween.  I’ve had mine ready since October 2nd and I tell you, it takes a load off of my mind when I am pro-active on things like this.  Okay, Grab your planner and LFOI Framework Guide for this episode, #27.

Phyllis, this week I am by myself. My hubs is traveling for business and I am alone.  It’s kinda weird really.  Prior to COVID, we were both working jobs that required us to both travel pretty much full-time.  There might be occasional weeks when I was home while he was traveling or vice-versa. Rarely were we home at the same time. Then the pandemic brought all of that to a hard stop.  Now, we are together all the time.  This is something I’ve enjoyed, but it has also created some inconveniences.  I have to be more mindful of NOT being noisy, for one.  For instance, my husband’s office is next to the kitchen and my ice maker is extremely loud, I think.  So, I’ve been creating a habit of filling my yeti cup with ice at night so I don’t have to during the day.  It’s a lot of little things I am doing to stave off irritations and frustrations for him while he works.  If you are working remotely with your spouse, this may seem familiar to you. 

I’ve discovered that this new working arrangement has also affected when I do other certain tasks.  I am having to navigate housekeeping chores in way that I didn’t have to  before Covid, Now, I am being more selective as I am more mindful of my husband’s work from home situation. 

See, He traveled a few weeks ago, and I decided then there was one thing I needed to do, that can be a nuisance, and that was to clean my oven.  Since the cleaning process can have an unpleasant odor, I decided that I would do it while he was gone, so I planned accordingly.

I removed the tin foil that lined the bottom of each oven and did the preliminary wipe down and then pressed the appropriate self-cleaning buttons.  Instead of the cleaning process initiating, it gave me a malfunction signal.  So I couldn’t do it.  Now you may think this was no big deal, but it was. Remember when I said I wiped down the oven first? Well that kicked up a terrible stink, like I was not going to be able to cook food in there until that oven was cleaned  Oh my goodness, so I ended up waiting until my husband got home and had him look at it. We ended up calling a repair person who said we would be better off just cleaning it the traditional way because this model had an issue with the self-cleaning function that was not fixable.  Yay, lucky me!!!

So after procrastinating a more few days on this unpleasant task, what was I to do other than go to Pinterest?  This is where I found a miracle.  Not only did I find a do-able solution for cleaning my oven but also a miraculous way to clean my oven racks.  Here it is in a nutshell – I am about to blow your mind!  You lay a towel in your bathtub, fill your tub with hot water, adding Dawn dishwashing liquid to it as it fills.  You then lay your rack on the towel in the water and next you add – wait for it — cling free dryer sheets.  Yes, I said cling free dryer sheets. 

You leave them all in there overnight and when you get up  the next morning, your oven racks will look like new. I promise.  Anything that has not come off can simply be wiped away with one of those cling free dryer sheets.  Like who is even smart enough to think of this stuff?  Did I just blow your mind? Yes, yes I did.  Well then Phyllis you are welcome.

So we got it done and I decided that this is something I want to make sure to add to my housekeeping section of my LFOI framework guide.  I googled how often I am supposed to clean my oven and this is where my mind was blown again.  Phyllis, do you know?  Do you know how often you are supposed to clean your oven???  Quarterly. Like Every quarter. That’s once every 3 months! Why is no one talking about this? I think my mama failed me here because I did not realize this.  Like when I cleaned my oven just like I shared with you a moment of ago, I think I had only cleaned it one other time, maybe. And maybe that is why it stunk so bad.    

So this is today’s planning tip with a clever trick.

Do the annoying cleaning tasks when your people aren’t home and use my oven cleaning hack when the time comes – which by the way is quarterly!

Now I am asking myself, what other irritating tasks can I do this week while no one else is here?  Come to my facebook group and let me know your thoughts.  Link to this is in my show notes. 

Since so many of you are working remotely from home with your spouse like me, I thought I would share some other little tips about this working arrangement.  So here is a quick list of things you can do to be a better remote “co-workers” with your husband.

  • Be considerate by picking up after yourself.  Remember those signs in the breakroom that said “Your mama doesn’t live here” well same here at home.
  • Share your calendar with your spouse so if you have run out for something while they are on the phone, they won’t have to wonder where you went.  Like was there an emergency?
  • Keep the noise down.  It’s hard to concentrate with so many distractions, even at home.  Like I said, it’s no fun trying to have a Zoom call with dishes clanking in the background.
  • Alert your spouse to when you are going to be on a call that must truly be free from disruptions
  • Brag on your spouse. Point out positive things you overhear.

Okay; that’s all we have time for now.  Thanks for listening in and don’t forget to clean your ovens!


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