This week’s two topics of my podcast episodes of The Gina Duke Show had a common theme – getting a grip! As Christian leaders we must have a good grasp of what is true and a better grip on what is truth. This was what I discussed in episode 18, and in episode 19 I walk you through some fun autumn activities and planning tips for year-end activities. Let’s go get a grip on it all!

You can go to this link HERE to listen to episode 18 – Are You Being Deceived? Spiritual Warfare, What’s Real, God’s Truth and Your Prophetic Voice \\ FAITH Episode – Show notes are below.

You know what is true and what is truth, so as faith-filled leaders, may these two always operate together in unity.  Before we go any further in this episode, I want to let you know that I am going to be using a big girl example today to explain why my leadership maxim is important.  You and I are both adults and I believe as leaders we should be able to have grown-up conversations about controversial matters.  I hope you are coming to listen to this podcast to widen your views and knowledge base.  I also listen to podcasts that broaden my perspective.  My promise to you always is to be as biblically correct as I possibly can be.  Welcome to episode # 18, which is a Faith episode. 

The leadership maxim that I am sharing for today’s faith episode is this – Truth must always operate in what is true.  I’ll repeat it – Truth must always operate in what is true. 

Truth is God’s Word and what is true? It’s the reality around us. 

As Godly leaders it is important that we take the Word of God and apply it in the reality of our lives.  The negative effect of not being of sound thinking to do this can negatively impact our witness for Jesus. 

Here is my example – it’s one that I believe is going to continually come up:

Last year immediately following the results of the 2020 election, I had to get up in the middle of the night one night because I felt strongly that the Lord was prompting me to do a Facebook live.  I felt led to speak to those who were freaking out over the possibility that the 2020 Presidential election had been stolen. 

This is what my word from the Lord was for my viewers, and continues to be a maxim for me today:  Truth must always operate in what is true. (2x) The reason this phrase has continued to be a needful and useful maxim for me today is because we have entered into an era where there is a spirit of deception attacking the people of God.  This spiritual attack is not coming from people who Christians would consider as threatening or ungodly, but is actually coming from people and positions that we would normally be able to trust.

I wanted to get this Maxim out early on in the life of my podcast so you could start using it asap.  There is still much deception out there regarding the presidential election, COVID and vaccinations.  I am completely in favor of people making their own decisions about each of these topics, but I am not for God’s people being deceived.    

I feel very passionate about this topic because I’ve witnessed too many of my brothers and sisters in Christ being carried away into a frenzy by fantasy and falsehoods.  They are suffering needlessly and are more importantly rendering their witness null and void.  Because here is the jest about being deceived about something as public and highly profiled as the 2020 election results.  If this world believes Christians are easily deceived by something like this, then how will they be able to identify us as a people who can lead them to the real truth, namely Christ? 

We had a Supreme Court that validated the results.  We had Republican Governors who validated their results.  This is how our elections work.  There are rules; there are processes in place – just like we have in our work and ministry that is meant to yield the correct results.  We always have bad actors in play but they are not the majority – not enough to pervert elections results.  Arizona’s third party auditors who went in to find election fraud a while back, did not find anything that would overturn their results.  Here is what is true – Joe Biden is the US President.  I know this because he was sworn in and he lives in the White House.  This is what is true. 

Whether a person likes or dislikes their reality does not change their reality.

Now here is the truth from Daniel 2:21 CEB:

God is the one who changes times and eras, who dethrones one king, only to establish another, who grants wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with insight.

Let’s let that sit for a moment – God is the One who dethrones one king and establishes another.  This means we don’t’ have to do this or that because God is the one, the only one who determines world leaders.  We can pray, we should vote, but know this, there is no election that will ever be stolen. 

Can we trust God to do this? That is our question. Do we trust God?

And from the NTRomans 13:1-7,  HCSB:

Everyone must submit to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are instituted by God.  So then, the one who resists the authority is opposing God’s command, and those who oppose it will bring judgment on themselves…  Therefore, you must submit, not only because of wrath, but also because of your conscience. And for this reason you pay taxes, since the authorities are God’s public servants, continually attending to these tasks. Pay your obligations to everyone: taxes to those you owe taxes, tolls to those you owe tolls, respect to those you owe respect, and honor to those you owe honor.

This scripture says several things:

  1. We must submit to governing authorities because God instituted them.
  2. When we resist the governments He has put into place, we are opposing God. And this will bring judgement on ourselves.
  3. We are to recognize that public servants are also appointed by God
  4. We are pay our taxes, tolls and honor are public servants. 

Now, let’s let me be clear here  – just because God has appointed governing authorities does not mean they are good. God is orchestrating world events, that we cannot even understand, so he does not want his people to be detractors from what He is accomplishing.  To do so would be resisting what he is doing.

We can and should hold our leaders accountable.  We can have peaceful protests, but to try to overturn election results and even shouting to hang our leaders is not godly. It is not Christlike, and may it not be named among us. 

Let me share something else with you about politics – Politics is only about policy-making. That’s it.  It’s not worth losing our scruples and focus over.  We are a nation where debate and peaceful protests are allowed.  We should not be on the TV news in school board meetings threatening those who don’t believe like we do, whether it is over wearing a mask, getting a vaccine or Critical Race Theory,, as if these things are evil or a mark of the beast.

As A leader you may have people looking for answers in confusing times, and this is one maxim that can help you navigate all the conflicting narratives.  

When we see things like this where truth is not operating in what is true, we should challenge it.  This is how we use our prophetic voice. Revelation 19:10 states the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Those with this spiritual gifting for prophecy will not be able to be silent when the testimony of Jesus is being compromised.  To find out if you have this spiritual gift, go to the link in my show notes for the Simple Self-Discovery Spiritual Gifts Survey. 

If you want to win the battles of spiritual warfare, you must take truth and operate in what is true.  Chasing after shifting shadows that have no meaning only undermines your witness for Jesus Christ.

(All links mentioned in the show, is at the bottom of this post.)

My New Devotional!

Is your heart heavy? I know in this past year mine has been at times, and sometimes so overwhelmed by that heaviness that I was thankful to have the Word of God to turn to for comfort.  And there are times we are not sure just where to turn in the Bible for that much needed relief.  This is why I am so excited to share with you a newly released book, titled Hope When Your Heart Is Heavy that is a devotional.  I am just one of the authors providing you with some soothing insight for your special set of circumstances.  My devotion is titled A Home for My Heavy Hope.  Grab your copy HERE.

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You and I may be best friends if your favorite season is Fall. You can listen in on episode 19 HERE – Q4 is on the Horizon. Are You Ready to Do Some Fall to Year-End Planning \\ Mini Planning Session. Show notes below.

Yay! Fall has arrived….I love Fall…and it stepped into my neck of the woods just right.  It showed up on the 22nd with cool, wet weather that actually surprised me.  I got to wear leggings, longs sleeves and my puffy vest while running errands.  If you don’t have a puffy vest, I’ve got a link for you in my show notes bc it’s a must have Phyllis!

You know how summer rolls…she’s lazy…she takes us to the beach and lays out by the pool.  But then toward the end of August, we rally – as children return to school and we return to full schedules.  The tempo picks up a bit, but only long enough for Autumn to settle in like a warm cozy blanket and slows the soul once again. Ahhhh…I’m so ready for the fall foliage, football, pumpkin spice lattes and candles, pumpkin carving and my personal favorite – roasted marshmallows.  All that – is just so yummy!

I’ve got a couple of things to get in front of you in this mini planning session .  Welcome to episode #19.

Let’s start with the fun thing I have to discuss this week first and that is fall décor. So I live in a farm house, in a subdivision…that has a wrap around porch….which I’ve decorated in black and white buffalo plaid.

Something else I like to do is tablescapes…

Black puffy vest…

Cream colored dried pompass grass…

Stacked Pumpkins for Outdoors…

Buffalo Plaid Outdoor Porch Rug…

Buffalo Plaid Welcome for Porch…

Natural Soy Pumpkin Spice Candle…

So don’t tarry on your autumn décor because this season seems to be shortest one to me.  Winter is long, spring usually draws out longer than I want it and summer is a good sized season, but fall…it’s never long enough bc winter always tries to show up early and steal the show. 

Next is my bigger planning tip for this episode and it’s a doozy – Here’s the bigger thing that has the biggest payoff, you can do and should do so prepare accordingly.  A week from today, September ends.  And more than that, we come to an end of the quarter.  So it is time for a quarterly review. Link in show notes to a blog post I wrote at the end of the first quarter of this year about everything I do in my quarterly review… and I am building upon that review.  I am actually going to add a personal prayer retreat during this time next week.  This is where I spend a longer period of time in my structured prayer journal (there’s a link in my show notes for you to grab your own copy) and include worship music, scripture reading and just getting on my face before the Lord and seeking His will.   

Quarterly Review about Reflection:

Okay there is something else special about the end of the 3rd quarter.  I am going to look ahead through through October, November and December and spend some time planning. 

One thing I will do is go ahead and buy all my Halloween candy by October 2nd to hand out.  Go back and listen to episode 4 to learn why I am doing this so far in advance. It has something to do with eliminating procrastination.

I am also going to start nailing down our Thanksgiving plans.  Who is hosting and deciding on what I am doing about my turkey because I have a radical idea that I am going to stew on for a little longer before I commit it. 

And as for Thanksgiving, I try very hard to finish all my Christmas shopping by the end of November so I can better focus on the reason for the season of Christmas. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, I focus on getting it done!  Could this be you, too???

Okay, I’ve pitched a lot of good stuff to you today, so let me recap:

  1. Fall is here, shop, decorate and enjoy accordingly – see the links in my show notes
  2. September 30 ends the third quarter of the year which is a great time to reflect. Link to facilitate that.
  3. Look ahead to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can start firming up your plans there. 

Okay, let’s reel it back to our original excitement that it is now fall.  Bring it on! I’m ready for it!!!


Reflection Post HERE.

Personal Prayer Retreat post HERE.

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