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Welcome to a proven plan for leading an engaged Great Commission focused group of women in your church.  You can obtain my brochure HERE. I also invite you to join my Joppa Interest Facebook Group where you can watch my videos about Joppa, post questions and receive answers. Click HERE to request to join!

Did you know that women, even busy women, would love to make a contribution to kingdom work and all they really need is just enough structure, a place, a team, and the liberty to implement their own ideas to make it happen? And you, as their leader, can provide all those things!  Yes, you can!!! It is what I describe as a Women’s Involvement Ministry.  For short, I call it Joppa!  Download the Joppa Brochure HERE to find out why this Women’s Involvement Ministry is called Joppa.

And just like these women who need to structure to engage in ministry, I have heard from many other women’s ministry leaders looking for the same thing when attend women’s ministry conferences. My goal is to serve women’s ministry leaders with this program that has served me and my church well.

How it all began…

When I was asked to take the role as Director, Women’s Ministry on staff at my church, First Baptist Church, Portland, TN in 2009, my first thought was a hard No.  Perhaps you can relate?  It is not for the faint of heart, am I right? 

After I was asked to pray about it, which I did, the Lord began to flood my mind with all these various ideas I had over the years which were now making some sense.  I spent days and nights preparing the plans, the curriculum and aids for this new and church-changing way to do women’s ministry. I took my idea and presented it to my church staff, and they accepted it.

Before this, our women’s ministry was much like everyone else’s; a handful of women making decisions about a retreat or women’s conference.  This is NOT that.  It is so much more.

Unexpected Results of Church Engagement & Revival

Before I get into what Joppa is about, let me share with you some successes of it:

  • We went from five women “doing” women’s ministry to 50. That’s right 50!  Out of a church with attendance that averages around 600 per week, 60 women attended the vision casting meeting for this new idea and 50 signed up.
  • This “Joppa Nite” got so much attention in our community, that the local newspaper did a feature story about it. We became the go-to church for women where their ideas and contributions were encouraged and appreciated.
  • Ten new ministries began in our church as a direct result from the impact of this women’s ministry, according to the pastor of whom I reported.  It helped others – men, senior adults – feel emboldened to charter new ministries. Here are a few examples:
    • Clothing Closet
    • Mom’s in Prayer Group
    • Women’s Book Club
    • Substance Abuse Care Ministry
    • Backpack Ministry
    • Single Mom’s Support Team
  • Our dwindling Women On Mission ministry tripled in participants

Everything You Need to Know

The following videos will tell you more!  Watch as many of them as you like to get a feel for how it all works, and please grab my brochure on Joppa HERE!  I will be launching an 18-month program to walk you through preparing for, launching and running your own Women’s Involvement Ministry…EEEK!  In this program, I will provide you all the materials and coaching.

This program, should you decide to join me, will work in this way:

  1. Purchase of the program, opts you into a private Facebook group
  2. Early Birds will not only save $150 off of this program, but will also receive a total of four (4) additional training sessions from April through July. The official launch of all the planning activities for your 2022 Women’s Involvement Ministry launch begins in August 2021. Run, don’t walk to this Early Bird offer HERE! Your Early Bird savings is good through June 30, 2021.
  3. In August, I will begin to host meetings by video and ZOOM providing direction on how to do vision-casting, sign-ups, preparing materials, and everything you need to know and do to successfully launch.
  4. January 2022 – we launch your vision-casting meeting at your church and begin assigning teams those who sign up! So exciting!!!
  5. February 2022 – We will meet a week before your first meeting and right after your meeting, for updates and any problem-solving.
  6. March – We will meet before your meeting, after the meeting and so forth each month of the ministry calendar.
  7. In subsequent calls each month, you will report out, I will field questions and we will celebrate together too!

If this sounds like something you are looking for, join my Joppa Interest Facebook Group HERE to watch my videos and hear more.

Here are some great reasons to consider implementing a Women’s Involvement Ministry:

  1. You are a new women’s ministry leader.
  2. Your church is thinking about or are implementing a women’s ministry.
  3. You would like to have a mentor.
  4. Your women’s ministry is struggling
  5. You are looking for something new and different for women’s ministry.
  6. You would like to have a solid plan with a structured program, resources.
  7. You would enjoy a think tank of a group women’s ministry leaders.
  8. You want a women’s ministry that is engaged more in actual ministry work.

I hope this is making sense to you as why Joppa – Women’s Involvement Ministry is a great choice for you and your team. If you are still debating it, please join my Joppa Interest Facebook Group to see my videos and learn more. Join HERE now!

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