Church – We’ve been in a long season, and I am not talking about the weather, my friend.  The church, along with this world, has been in an exhaustive, long and sad pandemic season. You are clearly as aware of this as I am, but guess whaaaaat????  I hear the birds chirping and smell the flowers blooming, and again, I am NOT talking about the weather.  I am sensing a change is a comin’!!! Do you?

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With the development of herd immunity and roll out of vaccinations (understanding many dislike vaccinations), the fact is that many will receive these shots ending the dire threat COVID has been holding over the fellowship of believers for the past year.  We are already starting to see hospitalizations and deaths dropping in the US so I am hopeful!  I am hopeful that we are rounding the corner.  It is my hope that US churches could be back to near normal by summer 2021.  Can I get an Amen?!?

Can you imagine what that would be like?  It’s been so so long, too long, since we’ve lived and fellowshipped like normal. 

Still, I’m encouraged by a recent Pew report that stated, “as the coronavirus closed churches worldwide, a global survey of more than 14,000 people has found that few lost faith while many of the most faithful gained.” This survey claims that Christians’ faith in God grew deeper in the pandemic.

Based upon all of this, I have an exciting formula to share with you –

Isolation Exhaustion + Infused Faith – Pandemic Concerns = REVIVAL!

And I’m not talking about a tent revival or a half-attended weeklong series of meetings.  I am projecting an organic revival born out of trial and tribulation. 

If you attend church, how will you use this new state of normal?  What ministries do you plan to join, or are excited to see once again?

I truly believe that when we are all back together again, the church is going to be more than ready to do the work of the Great Commission!  We may soon see a revival like nothing experienced in recent generations.

Are you ready???

If you are leading a ministry in the church, now is the time to start preparations for a new ministry year! Traditionally, most churches’ New Year begins in August/September and NOW is the time to start planning for such.

If you are leading women’s ministry, then I want to let you in on a secret….come near!

Shortly, I will be launching a paid membership group for women’s ministry leaders in the coming weeks where I will serve you by leading you through play-by-play steps on how to have a highly engaged women’s involvement ministry, just in time to ride this revival wave.  Make sure to sign up to receive emails from me to stay up-to-date on this new project and invite you to join. Subscribe here.

Truth is, if we miss this window of opportunity, we, the church, may actually set ourselves back years, and that could cost so many their salvation or deepening faith. 

Here are 7 plus ways to relaunch your church and ministries post COVID:

  1. Host a vision casting meeting to highlight the various ministries with a pitch for drawing in volunteers.  Women’s ministry leaders can do the same by inviting women to a special brunch and share all the offerings – MOPS groups, Women on Mission, Book Clubs, Bible Study groups, etc. 
  2. Host a ministry fair.  Each ministry may set up decorated tables where congregants can walk through and hear more personalized information about the ministry. 
  3. Determine what large events you will host, and start pulling a team together to plan and market it – building a buzz around it will make it so exciting to those who have been isolated.
  4. Assess your building to determine what if any new improvements are needed. Freshen up meeting rooms with new coat of paint, decluttering, upleveling décor and furniture, etc. 
  5. Consider hosting a refresher training for teachers and leaders because we’ve all been a little distracted.
  6. Consider a special teaching on spiritual gifts to
    1. Identify pools of people for your various ministry offerings, and
    2. Connect congregants/women to places of service. 
  7. All.the.things. fun and light-hearted because we need it to get back into the groove, and restore fellowship back to the blessed body of Christ!

Okay, you are the plus in this list – What other initiatives would you add?

Hey – before you go… I want to invite you to attend my free webinar about relaunching church ministries at 3:00 p.m. CST Sunday, March 14 in my private Facebook group. Go ahead, come on in and check out my videos for my Women’s Involvement Ministry while you wait! You can click HERE.

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