Hey friend, has anyone told you lately that you are doing a fabulous job of holding it all together?  You’re managing your households, a chaotic career and your kid’s busy schedule perhaps on top of all the Christmas shopping and activities, AND doing so wonderfully.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Only few souls really understand everything that is on a grown woman’s plate, am I right???

It is too easy to neglect yourself during this busy season.  I know that if I am not careful, I can get sucked into a million different directions and activities because such is life.  My wish for you this holiday season is that you get a moment to yourself to rest and reflect. 

2020 has been somewhat of a crappie year for most people in one way or the other, hasn’t it?  If this speaks to you, then I want to share with you two resources I’ve prepared for you.  One is an eBook workbook about Making Sense of Yourself, Life and God in 2020 so you can redeem 2020.  It’s only 8 chapters (40 pages / 2 hours of your very precious time) of some great content and reflection prompts.  You will also create your very own plan for forward for moving beyond 2020. Grab your free copy HERE!

My other offering is an invitation to join my Facebook group where I am doing a special teaching each Sunday night at 8 p.m. CST.  Last week, I provided guidance for making your HOPE plans based upon whether you are going THROUGH something or if God is taking you TO something. 

This week’s topic is Peace: Three Approaches for When the Peace you Possess falls to Pieces. Click HERE to request to join this fabulous group!

Lastly, as you may be choosing your planner for 2021 to keep up with your tasks and appointments, don’t forget about your prayer life.  Now is the time to purchase a new copy of Organizing Your Prayer Closet that includes a 60-week structured prayer journal that will give you clarity for spiritual things, and that is always needed. You can purchase my book or the junk journal versions from my Esty store: ChurchtownMarket

Okay, carry on like the shero you are! xoxoxo

Merry Christmas!

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