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The cool thing about God’s Word is that it is packed full of wisdom, direction, teaching, love, mercy…etc.  If you have found it confusing or hard to read, please keep trying.  The more time spent in the Bible, the clearer it becomes; I promise!  I recommend finding something interesting in God’s Word and then research it by using commentaries, cross-referencing scripture, asking other’s opinion and conducting internet searches for information on the topic at hand.  This was how I fell in love with the Word.  Something would peak my interest, whether it was something I had heard or a verse I would come across, and before I knew it, I would be headlong into a deep dive in scripture.  I would just dig around until I felt it made sense.  Most times, it would just blow mind from all the other things I would learn in the process.

For this Rank & File Projects List week, I focused on my favorite scriptures.  I have found that just like my taste buds change about every seven years, so does my list of favorite scriptures.  The ones I clung to in the 90’s are not the ones I cling to now.  If you have had the same favorite scriptures for a hundred years, you may ask yourself if it is because they are really that special to you or are they verses that are just the most convenient.

Favorite Scriptures

As a young Christian, I was drawn to many of Paul’s verses about being able to communicate the gospel message clearly.  I loved Moses’ heart as he would plead with God to stay with him while he led the Hebrew children out of bondage.  I guess it was because those were my needs too.  I needed God to teach me just like Moses needed Him, and I wanted to communicate well so I could share Jesus with others.  Perhaps your needs dictate your favorite scriptures?  Whether it is a scripture that brings you hope or help, those are the ones who seem to rise to the top, don’t they? 

Some of my favorite scriptures have been those who give me a better picture of Jesus.  I want to REALLY know Him, you know!?! And then lastly, those verses that were given to me in due season, have stood out, too.  How many times have you needed a Word, and the Lord obliged, leaving you with a real gem?  Those are precious moments, aren’t they?

Here is my video about favorite scriptures.  I hope you check it out and I would also like to know your favorite scriptures, too!  So, leave me your input in the comments section below.  Happy Prayer Journaling!

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