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Working women of the church have been on my mind lately.  Whether we are stay-at-home moms or working publicly, I acknowledge that we all work.  Having done both at various times in my life, I feel comfortable in saying that it is more difficult for working women to stay connected to the body of Christ.

Reasons vary for this.  Some of it is the geographical challenge of not being able to get back home in time to attend mid-week services.  Some of it is the physical challenge of trying to recuperate over the weekend, attacking the will to leave the house to attend services.  I love being at home, so when I am there, I want to stay there!  Some of it is the relationship challenge of not having close friendships due to not being able to attend church as much as other women where relationships are developed.  Over time the disconnectedness can make even the most steadfast women wonder why it is necessary to attend at all.

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So, how can a women’s ministry help the working woman?  There is a two-fold answer for this with multiple ideas.  Some answers must help connect the working woman to other women in the body of Christ, while the other answer must help the working woman continue to be a contributor for the body of Christ.  For if we only focus on what can the church do for the working woman, it reinforces the misconception that church is about us, and not Him.  We must never fall into the category of Christian consumerism, but reinforce the belief that we are to be Christians contributors.  The church is to serve not to be served.

Any good ministry worth its salt is one that establishes structure and support for its participants that facilitates the church’s mission and the Great Commission.  For the most part, God’s people are busy and productive people, so it would behoove ministry leaders to aid their members toward ministry and missions.

Since I have recently returned to a public job, this has become near and dear to my heart.  I find myself needing assistance to participate with the body of Christ.  Listed below are some ideas I have that may be worth implementing for your working women.  But first things first – do you even know who your working women are?  If not, make a list.

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Ideas for Keeping the Working Woman Connected to Her Church Family:

  • Offer online Bible studies
  • Encourage women who work in the same town to meet up for lunch periodically.
  • Share phone numbers (if permitted) of working women so they may text one another for advice, prayer and encouragement.
  • Send her cards with words of encouragement
  • Reach out to her to let her know she is missed at events and thought of.

women's ministry tips

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Ideas for Keeping the Working Woman a Kingdom Contributor:

  • Provide an updated hospital list to the working woman of members in hospitals of the town she works. Perhaps she can visit sick parishoners on her lunch break or after work.
  • Create a directory of other ministries that she may work into her schedule. Perhaps there is a card ministry or prayer ministry that can be done remotely?
  • Share financial needs with her so she may contribute some of her expendable income, if possible.
  • If she cannot prepare and take a meal to a hurting family, let her know that it is perfectly fine to send an ordered pizza.

Hopefully, these are just some idea starters to get women’s ministries thinking outside the box.  I would love to hear what ideas your church has come up with?  Please share them in the comments section below.

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” And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,” Hebrews 10:24

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