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I’ve been quite giddy over Christmas this year, despite some sad things going on in my life.  That’s the remarkable thing about Christ – we can still have joyful hope in the midst of sadness without apology or guilt.  We can lose precious people in this side of Heaven, but still look forward to finding them again in Heaven.

Gina Duke is the award-winning author of Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray (Abingdon Press), that introduces the gift of structured prayer journaling.  You can enjoy her weekly #ShePrayerJournals weekend workshops on YouTube, and follower her on Twitter and Instagram at @TheGinaDuke.

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  1. I came across your site and just want to thank you for the suggestions on how to record our prayers. I especially like your transparency and look forward to following you and be in prayer for your ministry. Prayer is essential and getting it out to others is imperative because it is the only thing that moves the heart of God. Again, Thank you.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment; I am humbled. Even though I consider myself a very private person, I am given to being totally transparent for sake of the cross. Thank you for following me to Jesus! Many blessings, gina

  2. I am very disappointed that I cannot get an answer on how to sign up to follow you. I have requested this several times.

    1. Donna, so sorry! Thank you for your persistence. I did email the address that shows up on my comments page, so please know that I did attempt to reach out to you. Try this – go to my home page, even if you have to type in your browser. Once there, my sign up box is at the right of “Welcome.” I hope that works. If not, email me at and we will see what we can do. Thank you again!!! ~gina

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