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Crowned: Created for His Glory, Called by His Name by Melissa Deming

The first thing I noticed about Melissa’s first book from her new discipleship series that focuses on unchurched women, is that it is smartly written.  And I think this is important.  Unchurched women may be ignorant about the things of God, but that does not mean they are unintelligent or uneducated.

The fact that this book is smartly written should be no surprise, given the author’s B.A. in Journalism from Texas A&M and her M.Div. in Women’s Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  But more importantly, the author loves connecting women from all walks of life, no matter their journey to God.  And she flat-out honors them in the process.

Melissa peppers the text with “Kingdom Keys” and “Chapter Truths” that further guide unchurched women into the throne room.  She tackles concepts like justification and sanctification in conversational style.  I especially appreciated the “Additional References” for deeper Bible study at the end of each chapter.

If you are looking for a book to use to help reach the unchurched women in your community, which is so exciting, I highly recommend

See more about this book, at Melissa’s website, Hive Resources

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