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So, you are planning a women’s conference.  Congratulations!  It’s no secret that you’ve got your work cut out for you.  And no doubt, you are hoping to draw a multitude of women from the north, south, east and west to attend your event.  As such, you are looking high and low for some good tips for guaranteeing high attendance.

Here’s my tip:

Book Oprah Winfrey.

Just kidding!!!

Regardless if your speaker is nationally known or not, she may still be relatively unknown to the women of your church.  Obviously, you are very excited to have this speaker, and you want the ladies of your church to be equally excited. After all, women who are excited about the speaker, will be sure to attend the event.  And they will invite their friends to come.  And their friends will invite theirs, and viola – you have a well-attended event.

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So, how do you acquaint your women with the conference speaker to insure high attendance?

By building a strategic introduction plan with the following initiatives:

  1. Introduce your speaker at a big reveal. This is one way to create a lot of momentum for your scheduled event.
  2. Conduct a media blitz by hanging well-designed event posters throughout your church. Add the event to your church website in addition to weekly bulletins.
  3. Feature the speaker’s published books in your church library, book club and Bible studies.
  4. Share her blog posts on your women’s ministry Facebook fan page or forward them in an email.
  5. Does she have YouTube videos? If so, consider how you can share them in Bible studies and in social media.
  6. Encourage your women to follow the speaker on social media and to subscribe to her blog. Let the speaker help you!  So many speakers have witty tweets and engaging blog posts that will endear your women to them.
  7. Host a challenge! When a speaker has multiple Bible studies or books, announce that those who complete them all will get to attend a special luncheon with the speaker during the event (if she is agreeable), or something equally enticing.

For any initiative, remember that awareness will get you to 50% of your goal.  Adding these components to your advertising plan are some sure-fire ways to insure high attendance at your next conference. Go!

Disclosure:  This article was first published by Jennifer Rothschild’s WomensMinistry.Net, where I am a regular contributor.  Learn more about this resource here.

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