Wreck This Journal, Prayer Journal, War Room, Prayer ClosetWhen in need of healing, tape a band-aid in for that week, and with a marker write Psalm 30:27 on it, which says,

LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. Psalm 30:27

If you have wondered whether or not to pray for healing, let me clear things up for you – do it!  Nowhere in scripture did Jesus or any of His followers rebuke someone for asking for healing.  Never did Jesus instruct someone to pray His Father’s will instead in such matters.

This is truly God’s grace.  Could you imagine if it were unbiblical to pray for healing for your sick child?  I remember when my husband almost died – years ago, long before I had settled this matter – there was no way that I was not going to pray for  his healing!  I was desperate for God to hear me and heal my husband.


Wreck this journal, war room prayer closet, prayer closet setup, prayer journal setup

Happy prayer journaling!


Happy Prayer Journaling!


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Award-winning author Gina Duke is a wife and mom who loves sharing the gift of creative structured prayer journaling. You may also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TheGinaDuke.

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  1. I think you meant Psalm 30:2; Psalm 30 only has 12 verses.
    Since I read it again, I’m going to add it to my memory list.

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