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Everything I share for Women’s Ministry Wednesday, is intended to come from the things believe I have done well as a Director of Women’s Ministry.  However, there are posts (like this one) that comes from what I have not done so well.

No one is perfect, and because of this we can all glean from one another’s failings. Like…when you need to end a program.  I recently had to abruptly shut one of mine down, and that’s how I ended it…abruptly.

Now, a couple of weeks later, I am thinking a softer landing would have been better for all affected.  Listed below are some things I did and some things I should have.  Keep them handy for the next time you have to close the curtain on a ministry offering.

women's ministry


  1. Inform the pastor you report to, and let him know why it is necessary
  2. Inform the church office so they will also be able to help communicate accordingly
  3. Inform the group of women that this will affect, and give them alternatives, if applicable
  4. Inform the leaders of other ministries that may be effected so they can plan or adjust as needed
  5. Remove the ministry listing from all materials and websites to eliminate confusion.

As I am still working backward on closing the curtain, please let me know what else you do or may do, as I may have missed something.  Thanks!!!



” And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,” Hebrews 10:24

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  1. Oh Gina! I feel your pain…. I “killed” the secret sister program at a former church and it did not go over well… I could have and should have handled it differently. The group that was participating was small, but loyal to the program and did not see that it was excluding women on our other campus. It was also an expensive line item in our budget, especially considering the small number of women involved. I wish I had discussed my concerns with the group and perhaps together we could have made the decision, rather than flying solo… Praying many leaders will heed your words of wisdom!

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