Prayer Tip, Praying for Your kids

Since this past Sunday was Mother’s Day, my pastor had shared some great ways to pray for our children.  I thought they were so good, I decided to share them with you!

Prayer for kids, praying for your children

  1. Keep a prayer journal for your children. I know of a great one, too!

In addition to keeping up with their milestones, record dreams and thoughts you have for your children.  Keep up with ways you see God working in their lives, which will be a great place for them to return to in times of worry.


  1. Develop a prayer covering for your children. Use the Word of God, and pray over your children.


  1. Pray through the Bible for your children and give them that Bible when they begin reading.

One way I plan to do this is to take all the annotations in my grandmother Minnie Bell’s Bible and make a year-long reading and praying plan with it.  This is something that they can treasure forever!


  1. Form a prayer network for your children. The Mom’s In Prayer ministry provides a great method for this, but you can also enlist other friends and family members. How nice it is to send out an update to them for prayer, as well as praying for their children.


  1. Turn your worries into prayers. Okay, we all need to do this one. I remember when my elder daughter, Kassie, started driving.  I would practically have a panic attack every time she would leave the house.  I simply kept praying about it.  Then one day, I noticed how God had removed my anxiety and replaced it with peace.  It was wonderful to be free from worry!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6


  1. Have prayer with them each night, and bless them.


  1. Incorporate a family night of devotional prayer on Sunday night. You will be pleasantly surprised how that time together will bind you before you all step back out into the world again on Monday morning.  Plus, it is a great time to pray for your child’s needs and concerns.

What other great ideas do you have for praying for your kiddos???

Pray on!


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