1. Good day,
    I am astonished with your Gina Duke / Churchtown Ministries Blog.
    These prayer Journal and information is very helpful towards my morning time with the Lord. When a Women of God is called for Ministry it takes work. I am called into the Ministry but not appropriating in the Ministry. Surely trying to learn His word more to best approach others about His greatness. I am currently the children Sunday School teacher. I also a proud wife of five children, going to College to finish my degree and also working at the College. It has been a strong journey but still moving forward in the Lord.
    I prayer that you can keep in touch and we can share God’s goodness together.
    Indeed to help me with my journey in Women’s Ministry.
    God bless and much love to your family and self.
    Raquel Berrios

    1. Thank you, Raquel. Please keep stopping by. Praying God’s blessings over you and your ministry! ~gina

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