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I love being a night owl.  I can easily sit up until 2 or 3 a.m. working away on various writing projects.  My family would tell you that I am a workaholic—all work, no play.  And, if I am not careful I could be all work, no pray, too.

By the time I wear myself out working, I am usually so tired that I just want to crawl into my soft, warm bed.  Obviously, if I don’t plan a time earlier in the evening for dedicated prayer, I may not pray at all.

So, in order to improve my discipline in prayer, I have pinpointed my perfect pause for prayer, which is the ideal time for me to take a break from life’s things and spend some quiet time alone with God.

At 10 p.m. each night, I stop what I am doing to prayer journal—this is how I conduct my more formal, dedicated time of prayer.  Taking this pause has been so helpful to my prayer life because I am still alert and my house is quiet by then.

What about you?  Does it seem that sleep always comes before you have had the time and energy to pray?  Perhaps my method would work for you?

prayer tip, pause for prayer

Here are some other possibilities that may make the perfect time to pause for prayer:

  • Right after breakfast and before you start your day.
  • During your lunch hour. Eat, then pray or vice versa.
  • As soon you arrive home from work, before you do anything else.
  • Before you allow yourself to watch TV, or read, or engage in hobbies.
  • Right before you get into bed. Notice, I said before you get into bed.  When you get into bed to pray, you’ve told your body that you are really planning to go to sleep, which you typically will do without praying.

If you have also mastered the perfect pause for your prayer life, I would like to hear about it.

Now the end of all things is near; therefore, be serious and disciplined for prayer.                                 1 Peter 4:7 HCSB

Pray on!

But before you go, let me show you my decor for this week’s prayer journal.  It’s my birthday week, so I’ve added gift tags.  Gift tags = gifts, right???

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  1. Wow! This post was so helpful and encouraging to me!!

    I used to have the luxury of spending an hour in prayer with the Lord every afternoon It was indeed my perfect prayer pause.

    But now, my life is very, very hectic with working, ministry work, my daughter, son-in-law and newborn granddaughter living with us (which is such an incredible blessing), that as I reflected on your suggestion, I had to really think about the perfect prayer pause to my day. Your suggested times gave me a lot to think about and the best way for me to determine the perfect prayer pause for me is to take that matter to the Lord in prayer. 🙂

    I also liked your suggestion of a prayer journal. Especially when life is so busy and we are pausing to pray, a prayer journal would help keep me focused.

    I appreciated this post so much!

    1. Thanks, Karen! My elder daughter, son-in-law and their 3 little boys are temporarily living with us while they build their next home, and it has rocked our quiet-life world, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. So glad you stopped by! ~gina

  2. I laughed when I read you’re a night owl; I’m an early morning girl. I get up at 4:00 a.m. to have time with God, but even then, I don’t always pray. The beautiful sparrow, Bonnie Wallace, first shared your book with me in the Consilium Facebook community, and you commented on my blog Uncharted Water’s post Surrender Means Transformation today when we both linked to Coffee for Your Heart today. I am going to order a copy of this beautiful resource. Thank you for your encouragement.

    1. Debbie, that is so sweet of you. And Bonnie is the beautiful sparrow, isn’t she???

      Thank you for stopping by! It will be good to know that as I am wrapping up my day, you will be picking up where I left off…lol. Many blessings, ~gina

  3. I love the idea of having a set time. I usually just work prayer into my busy day, while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry. But, I love digging into God’s word, and that doesn’t always happen with a busy life. I want to take the time to breathe Him into my soul. Thank you for nudging me to do it! 🙂

  4. I agree with you totally! I have to be intentional about my prayer and devotional time or it does not happen. One of the pastors at my church said a phrase I love. “There is no such thing as organic spirituality.” A relationship with God does not just happen. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #FellowshipFriday

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