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I grew up in a small country Baptist church in Robertson County, Tennessee.  This was the main church I attended until I was 30 something.  One of my favorite things in both Wednesday night prayer time and the Sunday morning end of service time, was hearing testimonials.

Can I get a witness???

I have always loved hearing people testify! I think it so powerful!

Even when I attend conferences for women’s ministry leaders, I find that I learn the most from other leaders’ stories than I do from the breakout sessions leaders.  There is something to be said for sharing our own personal stories that encourages others along the way.  Have you ever noticed how powerful testimonials for services and products are?  They can have the same effect at church!

When I got married, I moved my membership to a larger church with my husband. Sadly I realized that we just don’t have the same opportunities to testify at a larger church like we do in smaller ones; what a shame.

When making my year-end assessment last year, I noticed how we Christians don’t always experience or exemplify God’s power in our lives like the Bible records of the New Testament church.  And, I think I have realized why—we don’t testify enough.

We don’t share all the good things God has been doing in our lives.  We don’t give praise reports to those we have enlisted to pray for certain needs.  We don’t publicly commit to hang on to God when we are going through a battle or worrisome season in our lives.

We have decided that testifying is too raw and real, and sometimes TMI (too much information), so we have opted for a more quietly dignified tone in the church.  As such, we have just about “dignified” ourselves into a slow death that has left the body of Christ weak and discouraged.

God’s Word says,

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.              Revelation 12:11 NASB

As women’s ministry leaders, we must create ways for women to testify!  This is how believers overcome life’s troubles!!!

women's ministry tip

Here are some of the ideas I have incorporated and am prayerfully considering:

  • Before prayer, ask women to share praise reports and updates to previous prayers with the expectation that they will say something
  • Host an “open mic” night for women to prepare a testimony in advance. Schedule them to go one at a time
  • Sponsor a faith-booking or prayer journaling workshop, creating a comfortable setting for women to show what God has done in their lives
  • When hosting mini events, periodically have one of your senior adult women come talk about her past struggles and how God led her through them. Topics could include the Depression, losing a spouse or child, or suffering and recovering from a long illness.
  • Encourage women to write down their spiritual heritage and then share them with the group

Be as creative as you like, but just get women sharing how the Good News has impacted their lives!  If we could do just this one thing effectively, I believe it would revive our women and attract more people to Jesus.  Now, can I get an Amen???

Spur on!


” And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,” Hebrews 10:24

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  1. Thank you so much for this..in our church, if you praise Jesus by lifting your hands in worship some just seem offended..and we do not testify enough or even at all.i remember growing up in a small country church and people testifying at random and then it turns to a praise service for Christ..I so miss those services! I think if we would just stop worrying about who gets offended by us praising God and do what God is leading us to do, we would be AMAZED by what might happen! Again..thank you!

  2. This is so practical! I teach a ladies Sunday School class as well as a Bible study, and it’s so hard to get people TALKING! They say they are interested and talk to me afterwards about how helpful the truth is, but to get a discussion going or to pry questions out of them? Well, let’s just say that I teach to a silent room. I’m encouraged by your ideas.

    1. So glad to hear. After writing this post, I, too, made sure to put some extra attention on this aspect of our time together, and people shared! It truly encourages the rest of us. Thanks for stopping by! ~gina

  3. Totally agree with you Gina. In my ladies group, I have a few women who are willing to share. I give them opportunities to do so. There are other women who are very shy and reluctant to do this in front of people. I belong to a small church so it’s easy to get to know them well. For the ones who are shy about it, often they will share with me privately. I’ve found the issue for most women is feeling “safe”. Some won’t share because they’re concerned about this. It’s so important as leaders that they feel safe with us. We need to keep confidences. Nevertheless, to share your testimony is scary but when you see what an impact it makes, WOW!

  4. What great ideas! You are right, people don’t testify much. I attend a large church and our pastor allows people who desire to do so to come up at the end of service to give praise reports. It helps to let everyone know that prayer actually works.

    1. My parents are from there and we continued to go to church there, but I grew up on the other side of the state line in KY. I’ve lived in a 5 mile radius my whole life (except for college). It is a small world. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. Yes, I totally agree with you Gina. The power of testimony, faith and proclaiming the Good News are undeniable. I really like your suggestions for encouraging others to find ways to express this vital ingredient in attracting others to come to believe the Truth of God. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  6. Nice thanks for sharing. These can be applied not to just women, but men too. We are all called to witness to others for the great commission. Man or woman. We do need women who won’t be afraid to share with others what Christ done for them. A testimony can help a lost soul to be saved or plant a seed for a harvest later down the road. God bless and keep blessing the women’s ministry there. (CBCE)

    1. Thanks Steve. I am glad you stopped by and shared some encouragement. Thank you for your ministry to fathers! ~gina

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