Prayer is one of the easiest things we do, yet, we can be so bad at it!  Do you ever feel like you never take time to pray?  While we can pray anywhere and at any time, I have found that there are some optimal places for my prayer life.

places to pray prayer tips

  1. In the shower. I don’t know what it is about the shower, but it has become a place of clarity for me.  Maybe it is because it is one of the few places I slow down long enough to hear God.
  2. In the car. I happen to like driving so I have never minded my commute to work.  With my praise and worship music playing in the background, it creates the best atmosphere for prayer.
  3. In that special place. For a season, I had a small alter in my sitting room, and that was a great place to go for solace.  My kids were small then, and I couldn’t wait until all were tucked in and I could get alone with God. Perhaps you have created a similar space or prayer closet?
  4. At Meals. Even on the busiest of days, we still manage to find time to eat.  So why not use that time to bow our heads and offer a prayer of thanksgiving?
  5. At the gym. Exercising does the heart good, right???  It can also be the perfect place to work some things out in prayer.
  6. In bed. This is my least favorite place, but probably the most common.  How many times have you laid your head down to pray and end up asleep before you know it?  If this seems like the most practical place for you, then make sure you discipline yourself to stay awake!
  7. At church. If you can’t pray in the holy house of God, then where can you pray???  I love taking a few minutes to close my eyes before the service starts in order to prepare my heart to hear the preaching of God’s precious Word.
  8. At work. I’ll never forget my grandmother praying aloud while she did her household chores. We may possibly be able to take small prayer breaks while transitioning from one task to the other on the job.  When I come across a task that does not require attention to details, those are the moments I can use for prayer.
  9. At Bible study. Whether you do it with a group or during your personal time, stop and ask God to speak to you through His Word.  We often forget to seek the Lord during our Bible reading time.  See if it doesn’t improve your Bible study.
  10. Your favorite place, which is…(Tell me in the comments section!)

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Pray on!


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  1. Yes, pray continually! I just wrote about this on my site. I’m so thankful that we can pray anywhere. I love your list. Have a beautiful day! Tammy

  2. Hey Gina. I work nights as an office cleaner, so I have plenty of alone time. I put in my I-pod and zone out. Or listen to K-Love on the radio. It’s a great opportunity to meet with my Jesus.

  3. While driving alone long distances and the shower, hands down are the two places where something amazing happens as I pray out loud. Oh the times I have lamented not being able to write down all that I prayed and spoke out. One time I did buy a tape recorder but it seems in those times God is wanting to do something private…and humbling and the words never came. The other best for me is when I am in the word and begin to pray and write the word out as prayers. That is powerful.

    1. Jeannie – same thing for me. I tried taping my thoughts and it never worked out like I thought it would. Those are some precious times!

  4. Hello Gina and yes there is a tendency to rationalize reasons to slight serious prayer. I use all your places to pray. Upon waking in the morning the first thing I do is pray because I try to place God first and I know the difference this makes in starting my day off with Christ. After work I take time to pray and meditate and before bed I end my day in prayer and meditation. By no means am I perfect but my past holds the reasons I need to continue improving on my conscious contact with God because failing to do so leads to all sorts of wrongful acts. My favorite place to pray is at home behind a shut door.

  5. Gina…I think I have prayed at nine of the places you listed at one time or another. God’s omnipresence makes praying to Him much more attainable. Thank you for the reminder that God wants us to pray to Him, daily. Visiting from Testimony Tuesday.

  6. I use several of those. I just started with the bathroom. 🙂 When I get up in the morning, I have my Jesus Calling book and spend 5 minutes reading that and praying, I think it will work!

  7. My pastor once told us that he got alone and covered himself with a blanket to block out everything. I tried it and found that for focused prayer time, this is an excellent practice. I go in my walk-in closet, turn out the lights and cover myself with a my favorite throw and find that it is really good to keep distractions at a minimum. My other favorite prayer place is in the car, and shower as you suggested. Thanks Gina.

    1. Karen, There are many days I feel like throwing a cover over my head. Maybe next time, I will pray, too. lol. Thanks for the tip!

  8. It is so wonderful that we have the opportunity to pray at any time and anywhere…..I’ve probably been in all the places you listed…..and another one for me is at the piano…sometimes, when my heart is heavy or confused, I sit down and the piano and while my emotions come out in a seemingly random way across the keyboard, my heart is talking to God….then it changes and the notes that began in a minor key become a song and the prayer …..much of my music has come as my personal conversations with God….and you might guess, Psalms is my favorite book of the Bible..

    1. ooh, Deborah! I love it!!! What a wonderful prayerful experience you have created for yourself. That’s beautiful!

  9. Saw your post in christian comment blog exchange and had to check it, although you are not in line for me to comment on this time. I had to find out what are your 10 best places to pray. We have something in common. Besides church, I like praying in the shower, in the car, and in bed. I pray in the car because I usually have Christian music playing that is speaking to me. I don’t know why I end up praying in the shower but it just seems to happen.

  10. Just today my 11-year-old daughter was talking about what an awesome place the shower is for prayer. My husband would definitely agree. I guess with the comfort of the water and outside noise virtually blocked out and all…. 🙂 My favorite is the rare occasion I drive somewhere alone. I feel totally one-on-one with God in the car. I also enjoy sitting outside in the “middle of nowhere” and conversing with our Creator. 🙂

  11. Great ideas for places to pray. I find praying for discernment and understanding while reading my Bible so helpful. Thanks for sharing these.

    I’m visiting from the ‘Blessings Counter link-up.’ : )

  12. When discussing places to pray, this post nailed it! By the way, as a homeschooling Mommy of five, my very favorite place is in the car. Its the only time I can seem to quiet (the baby is up in the AM with me) when I am not completely exhausted. God bless.

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