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In Chapter 2 of Organizing Your Prayer Closet, I discuss a plan of attack to address recurring sins and strongholds in my life,

“After some thought and prayer, I knew that my best weapon was going to be the Word of God. So, with my newfound issues clearly defined for me, I began to to scour the Scriptures. Did you know that Scripture addresses every type of sin we may have? Nothing gets past God. Not only did I find verses galore about the words we speak, but for every kind of pride and other issues.”

Organizing Your Prayer Closet, p. 18.

Inside the enclosed structured prayer journal – The Prayer Closet Organizer – I have a designated space where I list the things I am struggling with under the header “Freedom and Forgiveness.”  Once I have identified a stronghold or an area of weakness, I like to look up scriptures that deal with that very bad habit.  I take those scriptures and recite them during my commute to work and meditate on them throughout the day.  When an opportunity to sin rears its ugly head, I recite the scripture.  I especially use them during prayer.

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

I am excited to share a helpful tool that I like to use which helps me to quickly locate such scriptures.

It’s called that houses a cross-reference Bible feature.  I go to the topical search page and key in words that represent my sin, and up pops a plethora of scriptures that I can choose from.  For instance, you can key in:






just to name a few!  Try it out here!




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  1. I just started a prayer journal and I stumbled across your Facebook.
    I am saving up to get a copy of your book so I can organize my journal and be a more effective prayer warrior. I really feel this is something Holy Spirit has instilled in me to do. Thank You for being obedient and providing such helpful resources.
    GOD Bless You each day, in a unique way, Shalom

    1. I hope you subscribe to my blog in order to have the opportunity to win a free copy. I will do the drawing tomorrow, so don’t wait!!! So glad you found me! Thanks! ~gina

    1. Marie, You can look it up on Amazon. Search Organizing Your Prayer Closet (Abingdon Press). The second edition has just released. It has a beautiful new cover. I hope you enjoy it. ~gina

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