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I knew I could do it as long as my two cousins were going to do it with me.  I was not a particularly good swimmer but that long winding slide that led to the pool just looked like too much fun to pass up; I was determined to not chicken out.    Well, too bad things did not go as planned.

Both of my cousins went first; boys aren’t typically scared of the fast and furious like careful little girls like myself are.  They quickly hopped on their mats and zoomed down.  Since everything looked super easy for them, I carelessly threw my mat down and hopped on for my ride.  To my detriment I did not realize how important it was to make sure my hind end landed squarely in the middle of my mat.  When this maneuver is not properly executed, your butt will not stay on your mat.  Of course, you will still be sliding down the slide, but probably not in an upright position.

I was on my head, then on my side.  I rode down frontwards, backwards and sideways.  I was hysterical and was helplessly grabbing for the hands of the shocked bystanders who were standing along the side of the water slide, waiting for their child to gleefully come down.  My parents watched me skid by frantically with horrified looks on their faces.  There was nothing they could do to help me, and sadly, we both knew it.  I was in for the literal ride of my life, and I was going to have to go it alone.  I splashed into the pool where my cousins were waiting for me.  Obviously, they heard me screaming all.the.way.down.

That was it.  I was done.  There was no way I would ever do that again.  Surprisingly, my cousins were able to talk me into trying one more time.  I got up to the top again, and when it was my turn, I made sure that I hopped on my mat correctly and I made it successfully (and quietly) down the slide and into the pool.  Praise the Lord!

“For this command is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way to life,” Proverbs 6:23

There have been times when I have not had my head on straight or my heart right, and plunged down a road of sin, leaving a path of destruction.  Delving into sin can be like diving onto a slippery water slide that we are not prepared for.

Prayer Tip, Sin

In an effort to keep myself in check, I have a designated place in my structured prayer journal where I list the things I am struggling with.  Once I have identified a stronghold or an area of weakness, I like to look up scriptures that deal with that very bad habit.  I take those scriptures and recite them during my commute to work and meditate on them throughout the day.  When an opportunity to sin rears its ugly head, I recite the scripture.  I especially use them during prayer.

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

I am excited to share a helpful tool that I like to use which helps me keep the correction and instruction of God’s Word in front of me.

It’s called OpenBible.info that houses a cross-reference Bible feature.  I go to the topical search page and key in words that represent my sin, and up pops a plethora of scriptures that I can choose from.  You can key in:






just to name a few!  Try it out here!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this great prayer tip! I’m working my way through Ps. 139 and it hits so many parts of my heart. Next to you on Holley this morning. I’d like a copy of your book – I have one as well on my site, if you’re interested. (:

    1. Hi, Sue! I ordered it, and it looks good! You can order mine online at Amazon, etc. or pick up at a Barnes & Noble or Lifeway. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by. ~Gina

  2. Great advice here. You go father than just the identification stage…which in itself can be hard enough. But God never created us to live in our troubles, but to see what He can do THROUGH our pain. Great ideas here! Thanks!

  3. Gina, Thanks so much for joining the link party at Counting My Blessings! Great tip on ways to pray and actively use the Word to know change in problem areas. I’m subscribing and sharing! Thanks! Blessings! And Merry Christmas!

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