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If the Christian Artist Mandisa’s song Overcomer came on the radio right now, would you only hum the words or would you belt them out like you believe them?  Well my friend, with Jesus Christ is our Savior we are an overcomer no matter how we feel.  So, how can we feel like the overcomer we already are?

Like anyone else, we all are prone to get caught up in our problems and lost in our worries.  We often feel that we have been overcome by the daily stresses than one whom has overcame them.  We complain.  We fuss.  We voice our worries, and lose our wits.  Not a pretty sight.

Yet, there is one simple thing that we can do to put our overcomer capes back on, and it is made up of one funny little word that we rarely use anymore – TESTIFY!  Can I get a witness???

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Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb, which is our belief in Jesus, and by the words of our testimony.  When our words bear witness to what God has done in our life, and especially our prayer life, it encourages others, and it is also proclaims that we have overcome.  Even when we give God praise and adoration when we didn’t get the answer we hoped, we are letting Satan know that we are still overcomers. Amen.

I am under the assumption that we are much better at asking for prayer than we are at reporting back on how God answered that prayer.  How often do you go back to others or your small group and update them on what God has done with their intercessory prayer?  It can be very empowering to those who prayed for you.

Let’s commit to telling others what Jesus has done by giving praise reports when He answers ours prayers.  Could it be that God’s people do not look victorious because we are not testifying about His greatness?  People put a lot of stock in products where there are testimonials it builds trust in that product.  If we never offer testimonials about Jesus, we are possibly robbing those who might otherwise put their trust in Him.   If we don’t share how God has worked in our prayer life, who will put stock in prayer?

Those who preach the power of testimonials for products state that the best ones are those that are specific.  We chant, “God is good all the time” and “All the time God is good”, but what does that mean to the world?  What is that saying to other believers whom are struggling?  It is just too vague and seemingly unbelievable for some.  However, when we give a specific example of how God worked in our situation or prayer, it further educates others about God’s nature.

“because God is king of the whole world! Sing praises with a song of instruction!”   Psalm 47:7 CEB

Various translations of Psalm 47:7 describes the value of giving God praise with a song of wisdom and understanding.  This can only mean that the best praise we can give is one that provides a lesson in God’s goodness and faithfulness.  If we are diligent to report back on God’s doings and dealings, it will not only encourage others, but will also presents us as the overcomers we truly are!


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  1. Wow!!! I am guilty of saying generic things like, “God is awesome” but I thought about the fact that I am rarely specific as to what He has done for me and my family. Thanks for the impartation of something so critical!

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