I am truly annoyed by telemarketers, especially the ones who call me repeatedly even though I am listed on the National Do-Not-Call Registry.  If you are a parent, you know how exhausting it can be when your kids ask you over and over again for something.  No one likes to be hounded about anything.  Agree?  This is what makes God so wonderfully unique; He actually wants us to hound him!

In Luke 18 God tells of a helpless widow who day after day comes before a careless judge to ask for justice against her adversary.  Because the judge grows tired of her hounding him, he goes ahead and grants her request.  God tells us to pay attention to her actions, and imitate.  He then goes a step further and says to pay close attention to the careless judge, as God is caring and even more apt to answer us.

He then told them a parable on the need for them to pray always and not become discouraged:2 “There was a judge in one town who didn’t fear God or respect man. 3 And a widow in that town kept coming to him, saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ 4 “For a while he was unwilling, but later he said to himself, ‘Even though I don’t fear God or respect man, 5 yet because this widow keeps pestering me, I will give her justice, so she doesn’t wear me out by her persistent coming.’ ” 6 Then the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. 7 Will not God grant justice to His elect who cry out to Him day and night? Will He delay [to help] them? 8 I tell you that He will swiftly grant them justice. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find that faith on earth?” Luke 18: 1-8

We are helpless and defenseless against our enemy like the widow.  When attacked, God wants us to come to him for help.  He even hopes we will hound Him until He does something about it, and  I am taking Him up on His offer!

prayer tip,

Recently, I’ve been negatively impacted by an unjust decision.  I immediately went before the Lord and asked Him why He has allowed this to happen.

Have I sinned?

Is this chastisement?

Is this You refining me?

Is this nothing more than something that is simply Your will?

Is this an attack by the enemy?

I pray something like this…

Lord, have I sinned, and this is simply me reaping what I sowed?  If so, then may I accept the consequences as a valuable lesson.  If this is chastisement from You, please reveal it to me so I may repent.  If you are allowing this hardship to refine me, please enlighten me and give me the grace to grow through it.  Is this simply Your will for reasons I may never know or understand?  Then tell me, and I will trust You.  If this is an attack by Satan, then please come to my defense and bring restoration.

I think that it is important to have this conversation with God when something bad happens to us.  I want to stay in step with God’s Spirit, so I need to know what He is up to.  My heart is sincere before Him, and He responds accordingly.

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

After some time in prayer and recalling some related events that gave me confirmation, I’ve determined that it is an attack by the enemy.  As such, I’ve continually taken this injustice before the Lord and asked for Him to restore me.

As I was studying God’s Word a few weeks later, I came across Luke 18 and it brought my mind back to this injustice I’ve experienced like the widow woman, and I once again found comfort in the fact that God is saying, If you don’t think I am responding to you, then just keep asking Me.  I don’t have to feel bad for continually bringing this up to Him.  I don’t have to feel as if my prayers are hitting the ceiling.  God is not annoyed by me.  God wants me to be persistent in prayer.

Just as I was reading this passage of scripture my husband paused from watching TV to tell me something.  His comment was directly related to this injustice we’ve experienced and what he shared with me was an update on the situation-a positive, hopeful update, too! This was another confirmation for me to keep bringing this issue up to God, and I will!

In Luke 18:8, God asks if there is a people on earth who believes THAT – the precept I’ve just shared with you?  Do we have THAT kind of faith?  Are we going to choose to believe God is THAT faithful? I am.

What about you? Have you been attacked by the enemy?  Have you suffered an injustice?  Do you have THAT kind of faith? If so, I encourage you to ask God the five questions of why this has happened, and if it is truly an attack by the enemy, then hound God until He answers and restores you.

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  1. What a great prayer for seeking understanding for unwelcome change. It is one I would love to have a scripture card made up for. Maybe you can one created? Thanks. i enjoyed visiting your blog today.

  2. Wow! Oh what an inspiring word of wisdom – about a widow and careless judge, teaching us to be persistent in prayer and not to be ashamed to ask God the 5 questions about the things we go through in our lives.

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