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Yesterday, I promised to share a fact with you about our God Who answers prayers.  Are you ready for this?

[tweetthis]God says Yes more than He says No![/tweetthis]

Do you believe this?

Before I began structured prayer journaling, if asked, I would have said that I believed God to be a God of No.  I just felt that it was rare that He answered my prayers affirmatively.  I don’t know why I thought this, but I just did.

The first time I began recording my prayers, lo and behold, He started answering them!  Who knew???  God answers prayer!!!  It wasn’t that God started answering my prayers just when I started recording them — He had been answering my prayers all along, but I just had not been able to seem them.

The ability to see God’s answers has taught me a lot.  Not only is He a God of Yes, I have also learned that sometimes His No is a Yes later!

AND sometimes, I’ve seen the wisdom of God’s No after some time has passed.

When you consider all of His Yeses and the No’s that become Yeses along with the wisdom behind why He says No, you will end up with mostly Yeses when you think about it.  Think about it!

At the end of the Year I make a pie chart of what God has done with my prayer life.  You can see that He is a God of Yes!  There has never been a year where it has even been 50/50, and never a year where I had more No’s than Yeses.

Prayer Journaling, Prayer Journal, Prayer Closet, God Answers Prayer

I hope this encourages you.  If you follow the prayer tips in my previous posts, I believe you will see and experience the same thing!

Tomorrow, let’s talk God’s timing!

Many blessings,


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Award-winning author Gina Duke is a wife, mom and the Director of Women’s Ministry at her local church. With a B.S. in Organizational Leadership, she is able to bring a clear word for authentic Christian living. Through her book, “Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray” (Abingdon Press), she imparts 1 Peter 4:7 with the gift of structured prayer journaling. You may also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TheGinaDuke.


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