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There are several times in scripture when God says, “Write this down” when He wants something to be placed on record.  As such, I’ve had my own moments such as these during my prayer time.

When we think of God speaking to us, we often think of Him giving us a task to fulfill.  Sometimes He helps us make a decision, and sometimes He leads us in a certain direction.  But there are also those times God will speak something specific to us that is just meant for our own good, and it would behoove us to write it down (in our structured prayer journal, no less!)

Here are some examples of things God told me in 2001, the first year I began this journey in structured prayer journaling:

  1. Do not take pain medication for your back problems
  2. Do not go into debt for ministry
  3. Do not operate separately from the church

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Mandate 1

I’ve had back problems for years.  For some unknown reason I have little cartilage between my two bottom vertebrae.  God has impressed upon me to not use pain medication to manage my pain.  There is a history of alcohol and drug abuse on my mother’s side of the family.  Instead, I’ve used over the counter pain meds, exercise, chiropractic services and a periodic massage to keep the pain at bay.  I believe this is God protecting me from a possible addiction problem.  So far so good!

Mandate 2

When I first began sensing God was leading me into ministry, I could not figure out how He was going to do it.  I had this prayer journal I wanted to publish, but knew nothing about publishing.  I looked at a lot of different models for ministry, not really knowing what I was even looking for most of the time.  I thought that it would take money to initiate the things I wanted to do, but I began sensing the conviction of God’s Holy Spirit to do nothing that created debt.  So, I waited on the Lord to lead me and open doors.

As of today, my book, Organizing Your Prayer Closet, has been published through traditional means, and they paid me!  What money I do make in ministry work, I use to reinvest into this ministry.  I am trusting God to provide opportunities and open doors.  No doubt; no debt.

Mandate 3

Another thing that God seemed to really warn me about was operating separately from the church.  Because I had little opportunity for ministry in the beginning, I would feel so frustrated that I would just want to start my own thing.  Mind you, I had no real plan, but just a desire to get out there and make something happen!  Thankfully, I just hung in there with my body of believers, pressing on, being obedient to God, and waiting for His timing.

Today, I have thriving ministries, both inside and outside of my church.  What would my public ministry be worth if I did not operate as a New Testament believer in the New Testament church?

Writing it down is similar to when the Old Testament saints built an altar where God spoke to them as a memorial. Writing it down puts the matter in stone so to speak; It reminds us of those things that are important to God.

In the ancient world the altar was almost exclusively built as a monument to remember or commemorate a divine occurrence which took place at a certain location. In ancient Israel altars were very significant, they symbolized communion with the LORD. They were a place of worship and a place to remember His covenant. The “altar’ was a place of “approach”, a place to call upon the name of the LORD and remember His glorious promises. (

Have you ever felt God impressing you with something similar to what I have just described?

It’s just a little word of advice for you specifically.  He’s not directing you do something or sending you in a specific direction, but just imparting a little wisdom for the moment, for your journey.  If so, make sure to write it down.

(Scripture references:  Habakkuk 2:2; Revelation 21:5; Jeremiah 30:2)

Tomorrow, I will be sharing more from my experiences in prayer journaling.

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