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Over the years I have been taught how important and powerful it is to pray God’s Word in prayer.  So, in 2001, when I was developing my structured prayer journal under the guiding hand of God’s Spirit, I felt impressed to add scripture.

I have a scripture in the header of each of the 10 compartments of my structured prayer journal.  Each month (or every 4 weeks), my scriptures change.  I must say that it was a daunting task to look up 12 different scriptures that made sense for each compartment, but I did it.

prayer journal, prayer closet

Praying God’s Word is like praying in agreement with God’s Word.  After I “organize my prayer closet” (make my entries), I then go from compartment to compartment praying the scripture header with my entries.  An example may go something like this for my “Ambassador Notes” (witnessing/encouragement list), where I am using Hebrews 10:24, which says, “Let’s also think about how to motivate each other to show love and to do good works.”

Father, thank you for the moment I had after Bible study today to talk with Melanie.  She is in the process of clarifying Your calling in her life, and is looking for opportunities to plug in that is a good fit.  I pray the encouragement and advice I shared with her was helpful.  May she not be discouraged in the small things and opportunities for all your works are good.

I am also praying that Jenny will take my advice and follow-through with resolving issues from her past.  I believe that she could truly be a powerful witness to other women whom have had similar experiences.

May these women continue to be spurred on in love and good deeds to accomplish Your work and Your will.

I try praying my prayers according to God’s Word.  This helps me to pray things I might not otherwise pray – good, God-focused things.

Along with this practice, I have also experienced a couple of surprises.  Sometimes while I am praying over something, as I go from scripture to scripture in my structured prayer journal one of the scriptures will be God’s answer to me.  As I am reading that scripture to form my prayers, God’s Spirit enlightens me to what He is saying by His Word in relation to what I am requesting.

Here is a video of how God used scriptures from my Bible and a scripture in my structured prayer journal to speak to me about one of those typical life decisions – job change.  Listen carefully to how my structured prayer journal played a major part in how God lead me to His decision.

Another bonus piece to my scripture headers is that it helps me to memorize scripture.  I hope you consider adding scriptures to your prayer journal.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing more from my experiences in prayer journaling.

I am participating in The Nester’s 31 Days of Writing.  You can go here to keep up with my 31 day feature on structured prayer journaling.

Many blessings,


UPDATE:  Check out my #ShePrayerJournals weekend workshops for views of my decorated structured prayer journals here.

Prayer Journaling, Prayer Journal

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