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I love talking about the “old days”. You may be wondering what this 47-year old would really know about the “old days”, but I am a GiGi x 3!!! I believe that qualifies me as someone who can talk about the “good ole days”. Agree?


Plus, I remember when my home church (Byram’s Chapel General Baptist Church) still had an outhouse. If I had to go potty, my mother would take me out the back of the church, which was also the front of the church, and we would walk the full length of the long chapel-like building to the back lawn. We would then walk about another 30 feet to the wooded area, and then another ten feet into the woods to the two-seater outhouse (which, I guess made it a public restroom). It was a haul!

Can you imagine what it was like for those mama’s whom had to rush to get their children out there before an “accident” occurred? What if a child was sick? Oh, and if it was raining or snowing, it was so much more of a miserable experience for both mother and child. I wonder where they went to change diapers? I need to ask my mother about that one!

I was raised General Baptist, and our denomination’s women’s ministry was called the Ladies’ Aid. The Ladies’ Aid was a group of women who were dedicated to helping the body of Christ in anyway needed. In 1972, the Byram’s Chapel Ladies’ Aid came prepared to make a presentation and recommendation at the business meeting. They not only proposed to add two Sunday School classes and two restrooms on to the church, but had also raised the money to do so.

Women's Ministry

When they made their motion, the men told them that they were “getting to be too big for their britches!” Yes. They did! In reply, the Byram’s Chapel Ladies’ Aid announced that if they did not approve to add the restrooms, they would no longer take the children to the outhouse; the men would have to do it!

When discussion closed and the time came for a vote, the Byram’s Chapel Ladies’ Aid prevailed that day! Hooray!!!

I love hearing this funny little story because it reminds me of two things: 1) change is good (even in church!), and 2) women’s ministry makes a positive difference to the churches they serve.

To you ladies whom are leading women’s ministry at your church, I want you to be encouraged today. Some of you may be incurring some less than pleasant things in ministry right now, but please know that women’s ministry can be a positive influence in the church. What may seem like a failure today, may turn out to be an achievement tomorrow. If you feel discouraged, please know that I am praying for you. You and your ministry matter!

Thank you for serving through Women’s Ministry.

Many blessings,


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