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I recently attended Proverbs 31 Ministries’ She Speaks Speakers and Writers Conference. They did an outstanding job of creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere for their guests. So much so, that I thought I would share some of my photos with you. As you plan your next event, you will want to give some thought to achieving the perfect atmosphere that goes with your event’s theme.


The atmosphere you create sets the tone for the event. She Speaks went with casual elegance. The pieces that they used were highly creative which was a suitable match for an event created for creative content providers through blogging, speaking and writing books. The right atmosphere can enliven your event and save it from just being a lack lustre occasion.

This was the meet and greet area created for the attendees to gather and converse.








I think staging is so important when it comes to setting the platform for the speaker, entrances and other areas where the women will gather. I once attended a women’s event, and the restrooms were even decorated with the event’s theme. It was as simple and inexpensive as taking a dry erase marker and drawing funny frames on the mirrors that encouraged the attendees to take funny selfies. Imagine how that idea would work with the event’s title in a hashtag for social media! One of the things that I noticed at the hotel we stayed in for She Speaks was that the restrooms played the most relaxing music, and I needed it, as I was taking appointments with publishers.

In 2012, we invited Kelly Minter to speak at our women’s conference. We did all of the studies from her “Living Room” series leading up to the event, so we set her speaking platform with 1950’s-esque furniture. We also staged some other meet and greet areas with the same theme. Too bad I don’t have any pictures to share.

Successful events are marked by the special touches of scrumptious foods, inspirational music, proper lighting, fun activities and fabulous décor.

Do you have some helpful ideas for creating the perfect atmosphere? I would love to hear more about them!

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  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous photo’s of an amazingly inviting atmosphere! It begs for connecting and investing. I love it! I am visiting from Holley’s place today! I am not involved in putting on events through a church ministry, but I do host various groups in my home, from small prayer groups to Bible studies to If Gatherings or #inrl conferences and so my tip is to pick a theme that you already HAVE pieces to pull from and build around that! Little touches make a big impact. So as incredible as SheSpeaks was, it is still doable in a smaller setting or in a home as well when we pay attention to the smaller details and carry the theme, as you said, from room to room!

    1. I agree, Karrilee! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, these tips are even helpful for home events. I love your hospitality!

  2. I so happy you shared these pictures. Our surroundings certainly do make a difference. I’d love to attend a She Speaks Conference some year when God makes it possible. ~Pamela

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