With the kiddos returning to school this week, it reminded me of when I first started school. I did not start in kindergarten; it was optional back then, I guess. The kids who lived in town went to kindergarten, but I lived out in the country so my parents did not make the twice daily trip into town for me to go.

When I arrived in first grade, it became abundantly clear that the other kids knew things I did not. On the first day they announced that we would be going to P.E. I thought the teacher said, “We are going to pee everyday!” It was obvious by the excitement in her voice and the cheers of my classmates that her “pee” meant something different than my “pee”.

My first grade teacher’s name was Ms. Littlepage. Isn’t that an odd name? I rode the bus home with my cousins on the first day of school and one of them asked me what my teacher’s name was. I remember replying with this, “I can’t remember, but it has a piece of paper in it.” I am sure she thought I was crazy, but when you know my teacher’s name, it makes perfect sense. Doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I have not gotten much better with remembering people’s names.

The other odd thing that happened later that year was that the school lost my school pictures. My parents took me to a professional photographer to get my first school year picture made so I would have one like everyone else. I wish I had smiled a normal smile. Don’t you hate it when you are trying to get a good picture of your kids and then they make a funky little grin??? That’s me.

1st Grade

What funny memories do you have from your early school years?

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  1. This was so much fun! One of my memories was the horrible haircut I had in first grade which was immortalized through my school picture for all to see! Oh my! As teacher it is laws interesting to hear student perspectives as to what they think of their first day of school or their teacher. Visiting you from The Weekend Brew.

    1. Hi, Mary! Thanks for stopping by. I, too, had a bad haircut in the 4th grade. I wanted the Toni Tennille cut, but my mother said my hair was too thick and curly for it, but I would not accept it. I wore it that way (well, as best I could) on class picture day. It was only after I got the picture back did I realize that she was right! ~Gina

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