For those of you who have been following my Experiencing God Around the Kitchen Table with Marilynn Blackaby interactive sessions, we just concluded chapter seven’s “Entrusted with a Child.” To catch up with this discussion, click here.

Around the Kitchen Table

This is has been a very meaningful time together, as we have discussed the elements of Ms. Blackaby’s book every third Wednesday of the month. It has provided a platform for us to discuss the relevant daily needs of our women’s daily lives. A couple of chapters ago when we discussed marriage, we hosted a panel of wives that we called the Real Wives of First Baptist Church, and it was a huge success! Women came to that event that I had never before met. With this chapter, we did something similar, by way of an open forum with other moms. The women sat in small groups and discussed various parenting tips and stories with one another.

Our focus scripture was Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


The topic outline we used on our forum from Ms. Blackaby’s book were the following:

I. Setting high expectations for your children
II. Assigning chores
III. Family devotions
IV. Extracurricular activities
V. When trouble comes

Other topics you may include with your parenting forum are:

I. Motivating your children
II. Letting go

As you can see it provided many good topics to discuss. We learned from one another and through this interactive piece we also encouraged one another. Women’s Ministry Leaders, I hope you use this idea as an idea starter for a scripture study series with your women. We only have one more chapter to discuss, so check back and see what we did next month!

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  1. Letting go and giving it to God has been my biggest takeaway in parenting. Great idea for discussion. If we truly believe God is good and trustworthy, we can trust Him each day even when we make mistakes. We can also trust Him when our children don’t do what we wish they would.

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