Father’s Day is coming, and I want to recognize my sweet husband for being a great step-dad! If I’ve ever wondered if you could love a child as your own whom was not yours biologically, Jamie taught me that you can.


Since the girls were young when we married, he has been a part of their life for the majority of their lives. Jamie came into our lives, swept us off our feet, and gave us a stable and peaceful home. He loved me, loved my girls and took good care of us. Even today, if one of the girls need something, he will get it for them. They both know they can count on him.

I thought I would share some old photos from our past to present.

Jamie & Kassie are relaxing at a family cookout. When we told Kassie we were getting married, she cried; she was so happy. He is like a giant teddy bear.

Kassie and Jamie

Jamie and Kallie dressed up for “date night”. She insisted they dress up for a formal dinner, and then wanted fast-food. We would take turns taking the girls out to do something special. It was a great way for the girls to build a closer relationship with Jamie. We also wanted them to experience how they should be treated by a gentleman, so they would look for those same qualities in their future spouse.

kallie Jamie Date Night

For Jamie’s birthday we made him his favorite – chocolate cake! Jamie has a way of making our special moments special so we wanted to do the same for him.


Happy Father’s Day, Jamie! I love you!

easter 14

With it being Father’s Day weekend, I know there will be a lot of grilling going on, so here are the ingredients of Jamie’s specially made PORK RIBS RUB!


3 T brown sugar
1 ½ T paprika
1 ½ T salt
1 ½ T ground black pepper
1 t garlic powder


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    1. Hi, Missy! Thank you for sharing. The only concern about my post, is that I painted too of a rosey of a picture. We did go through some challenges as our girls got older (teens), but they are both adults now, and everything is better than ever. So when those difficult days come, be understanding and forgiving of one another. Your kids will only be kids for a little while, and you will want to make sure you have a healthy and happy relationship with them on the other side of teen-age years. God bless you and your family!


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