I’ve read the Bible through twice – beginning to end, but I must confess that there were times I had probably zoned out, because I still find things that I’ve never before seen. For example, until this past Sunday, I never realized that Ezekiel had a wife. And I certainly missed the part where God purposefully took her from Ezekiel. (Ezekiel 24:15-25)

Our Sunday school lesson was about this particularly sad event, and there was only one bright spot – God’s title for this unnamed woman. He referred to Ezekiel’s wife as the “the delight of [his] eyes”. Ezekiel did not say this about his wife, but our all-knowing Creator, God, knew Ezekiel’s heart for her.

I can only imagine that whenever his wife entered the room or crossed his path, Ezekiel’s eyes lit up. He must have always been happy to see her. He must have always found her attractive. She must have brought him great joy.

For today’s Powerful Prayer Tip, I am going share with you a prayer for your husband that I wrote for mine. Today, my husband and I are celebrating 15 wonderful years of marriage. He is the delight of my eyes. I never get tired of hanging out with him. I love him, desire him and find great comfort in his arms.


In turn, I want to continually be the delight of Jamie’s eyes.

We met fifteen years ago at a wedding on a cold January night – he was the best man and I was the designated cake server. A month later we saw each other again at a friend’s dinner party. He finally got my number on April 2, 1999, and called me up to ask me out for dinner and a movie. Without hesitation, I said yes. It had been a long time since someone was interested in wining and dining me.

After the movie, we went to a steakhouse for dinner. We were both young professionals, and throughout dinner we talked about work – funny stuff, crazy stuff, good and bad stuff. As we shared our thoughts and stories, I remember thinking that this is exactly what I was looking for in a mate. He will tell you that he knew that night that he wanted to marry me, and it was up to me to change his mind. Happily, I continued to be the “delight of his eyes” until he married me on June 24. Yes, we had a very short courtship.


We left work early one Thursday afternoon and went to a local courthouse and got hitched! My pastor recently emailed me to ask me to submit our wedding picture along with a recent one to use in a visual aid for one of his sermons. I replied with something like this, “Please don’t make me. I got married in a blue and white polka-dotted dress, and all I have is a crappy-looking little photo. But, If you are adamant, I will oblige”. He emailed back, “Please oblige”. So here is my little photo in a glassed, heart-shaped frame I keep on my desk. I wish we had taken more pictures. I wish I had worn something that looked more like a wedding dress. I wished we had at least went to a wedding chapel.


The heart-shaped frame was actually a gift to me from my boss before I ever met Jamie. After my divorce, I went through a hard time, fearing I would never find a Christian man. Feeling hopeless, I began dating men that were clearly not for me. After taking one of my dates to a company function, my boss (a godly man) brought this heart-shaped frame to me, and said, “God has someone out there special for you. I want you to keep this frame on your desk, and remember that. And I don’t want to see any knucklehead’s picture in it. When God brings you your husband, I want you to put your wedding picture in this frame.” So when we had a snapshot taken at the courthouse, I cut it into a heart shape and happily placed it in my frame. God is faithful.

We’ve been utterly happy ever since. Jamie is a loving husband, a sweet man, a wise counselor, a good steward and a doting step-daddy to my girls.


With all of that being said, I wrote a little prayer poem about him inspired by Ezekiel’s wife. Enjoy!


I love you, Jamie Duke. Happy Anniversary!!! You are the delight of my eyes!


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  1. What a beautiful, real, and amazing story of how God works in the life of His children. He knew the desire of your heart. The picture frame held your faith full even when it was looked empty on your desk. He did not disappoint. That kind of faith was rewarded. Thank you for sharing. When you look at that picture from the eyes of the Lord it is powerful. How many church weddings, white dresses and so much more show little of the love in your photograph. I was blessed with my visit with you today. Thank you

  2. Gina…your poem speaks much about your heart for your husband. I enjoyed reading about how you two met and how God has blessed your union. Thank you for sharing your sweet story at Monday’s Musings.

    1. Thanks, Naomi. We are love birds:) God has greatly blessed us and our marriage. We are thankful

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