My church had our second ministry fair this past Sunday, so I took some pictures of a few of the tablescapes. I love tablescapes! All you need is a table and theme, then let your creativity go wild! Here are 5 considerations for your ministry’s tablescape.


1. Simplicity – Our women’s Discovery Bible Study group went with a simple, understated, but cozy tablescape. This perfectly represents the “feel” of these small groups that meet on Wednesday nights. They limit their groups to about 4 women, and meet in intimate settings where they study the Bible together.


2. Unique Backdrops – One component of creating tablescapes that I always struggle with is the backdrop; I never can decide how to create an appropriate backdrop for my tablescape. I liked how the flower ministry team created these beautiful banners to use as their backdrop. It doesn’t have to be a solid backdrop; it can be more simple and eye-catching! They also gave flowers away to those who stopped at their booth – very clever!


3. Strategic Planning – Our Women on Mission (WOM) used a “fair” theme for their booth. They had a motive for this – our town’s annual Strawberry Festival is slated for next weekend, which is where our WOM will be planted to host one of their largest fundraisers for mission work. Smart idea!


4. Using Themes – Here is a shout out to our Men’s Ministry. Their theme is “Iron Sharpens Iron” which is why they went with this workbench/tool shop tablescape. I love the use of crates and tools.

men's ministry

5. Showcasing – Use neat props to showcase items. For our Women’s Involvement Ministry “Joppa”, I used a DIY chicken wired window frame to showcase our ministry’s newsletters. This way prospects can see some of the ministry projects we have worked on in recent years.

Chicken Screen

I also used a retro suitcase to display our T-shirts and totes.

Tablescapes are so fun! I have to also show off the Champion ribbon for Joppa’s tablescape – BOOM! My elder daughter, Kassie, and I hosted the Women’s Involvement Ministry table. I think she made the difference, because I did not win a thing last year – not even honorable mention! Thanks, Kassie!


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Author Gina Duke is a wife, mother and Director of Women’s Ministry at her local church. With a B.S. in Organizational Leadership, she is able to bring a clear word for authentic Christian living. Through her book, “Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray” (Abingdon Press), she imparts 1 Peter 4:7 with the gift of structured prayer journaling. Ms. Duke also blogs and offers numerous videos and resources at GinaDuke.com. You may also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @TheGinaDuke.

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