When my girls were younger I would try to give them good advice for facing problems at school & dealing with others. My older strong-willed daughter would often respond to my advice, with “No, I am going to handle it this way”, while my younger daughter would often respond with “But, listen!!!”

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No matter the godly counsel, my strong-willed daughter would want to handle it on her own terms, and my younger daughter would want me to understand why she couldn’t do what I suggested. I think we often use these same sentiments in response to God.

We read His Word about loving our enemies and forgiving our brother; yet, we respond by saying, “NO! Because of the people I deal with I’m going to handle it THIS way!” Or we may say, “But Listen!!! If you really understood my dilemma you wouldn’t expect this of me!”

It would behoove us to remember that God’s precepts are always right for every person and every situation. Our heavenly Father really does know best!

Which sentiment do you think you express the most to the Lord??? Leave a comment!

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    1. Paula,
      I am pretty sure I’m guilty of using that excuse before, too, but shhhh…don’t tell me my kids!

  1. Why DO we do that? “Yes, but God, You don’t understand!” Right. I think we need to remember that He knows us better than we do–and He also knows the people in the situation better than we do.

    Someone has said, “It’s a bad idea to tell God He has a bad idea.”

  2. We do see ourselves in our relationships with kids.
    When I had to,d my niece several times to put her shoes away, I found myself wanting to complain, “I’ve told you a million times to…”
    And then I stop myself.
    I think of how many times God tells us in scriptures to pray, to trust him, etc… And we still need to be continually told. He doesn’t tell us, “I’ve told you a million times…”
    We need to be patient, just like God is patient with us.

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