My eldest grandson, Jackson, graduated from pre-school tonight! It’s our church’s mother’s day out program. He attended twice weekly during the school year. We are so proud of him! It was a happy time, but I couldn’t happen but think that in no time we will be celebrating his high school and college graduations – time flies by that fast! I can’t even believe that my girls are out of high school, and one out of college, married WITH kids!

Here’s me and my sweet boy on his big day!


He was given an award for being the “Friendliest”. He was described as someone whom is always a friend on good days and bad days. I just remembered that I was voted friendliest by my classmates once. So, OBVIOUSLY he got this attribute from his GiGi!!! They also showed a cute video where they interviewed the kids about what they wanted to be when they grew up, and Jackson said an “Archeologist”. No surprise; he loves dinosaurs!!!


His mama (my daughter) picked out a lovely plant with a sweet note that read, “Thank you for helping me grow” to give to his teacher. I thought it was such a clever gift idea! He had a wonderful teacher in Ms.Jaclyn; she was always good about sending short texts to my daughter sharing something funny Jackson would do or say throughout the day.


Speaking of kiddos, how about a quick and easy lunch idea?! I came across this on Pinterest – hope you like…


When I was a kid everybody ate sandwiches for lunch – sandwich & chips. But, today moms are so much more creative with kid’s lunches. These are not only fun to make, but yummy, too!


For this peanut butter, banana wrap all you need is: peanut butter, a banana and sandwich wrap. Spread your peanut butter on one side of your wrap, and then roll your banana up in the wrap. After your banana is wrapped, take a sharp knife to cut it into bite-size pieces You can also add a pretzel stick for a fork so your kiddos won’t get the peanut butter all over their itty-bitty fingers.


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