Prom is coming to our town this weekend! I am a little sad because for the first time in over a span of 9 years, I do not have a daughter going to prom. You would think for all the $$$ I’ve laid down for that big day, I would be doing the happy dance, but on contraire, I’m actually a little melancholy over it.

The money spent for the dress, the shoes, special undergarments, handbag, jewelry, hair and nails (did I forget anything???) can really set you back a few. But it doesn’t have to. I remember for my daughter Kassie’s 2nd prom experience my husband gave us a shoestring budget. I guess this was in response to what he had experienced from her first prom. So needless to say we went to a consignment shop and found a beautiful black gown, matching shoes and a matching purse. We did it, and all in one stop! And she looked just as beautiful as if I had spent a ton of money, but then again, she would’ve made a tater sack look great.

Kassie Prom 1

Then there was the prom year Kassie looked like Loretta Lynn. Kassie has natural brown hair, but over the years she has sporadically sported black hair, which I abhor. As a matter of fact, when it came time for her to take her senior pictures, I threatened to not buy them if she had black hair (but that is another story). Well, enough about that – back to prom – heeeeere’s Loretta!

Kassie prom 2

Then there is my Kallie-baby. By the time she was old enough to go to prom, I was a seasoned prom mom. Both years she wore a fun little A-Line mini dress. Unfortunately, they cost as much as a full gown, but she looked great!

Kallie Prom 3Kallie Prom 2

I don’t know if I really enjoyed those prom moments as much as I should have. I was one busy mama, working, churching, parenting…but, I wish I had paused and really soaked in those fleeting moments. They were precious and few.

Kallie Prom 1

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  1. Beautiful girls! Sounds like you have lovely prom memories…. As a mother of a 2013 graduate I can relate to the fun memories of prom. Why not go to dinner at a place the prom kids frequent on prom night & enjoy their excitement and formal attire as a passer by?

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