This past week, my elder daughter, Kassie, turned 24. I can’t believe it and neither can she. Where does the time go? I was just 24 the other day, and now my girl is 24!!! Of course, she requested The Yum-Yum Cake for her birthday. And of course, I made her one!

This is probably one of the best recipes I know, which is why I am excited to use it for my very first recipe posting! It was given to me by a one-time restaurant owner in Smyrna, TN. When I worked for a supplier on Nissan’s campus, I used to eat lunch, almost daily, at her tea room. Not only did she have great teas, little salads and delicious little tea sandwiches, she also served slices of delicious cakes. Her name was Gina Lee, too, just like me! When she closed the tea room to move to Alaska to manage a coffee shop (how cool is that?), she left me her recipe for the delicious Yum-Yum Cake! I’ve been making it for the past 10 years, and now I am going to share it with you!

Here is where we start – Prepare the Butter Pecan Mix as directed:

Next, I use a bundt cake pan; however, you can use what you like. Gina used to make her’s in small round pans and stack them 3 high; it made for a beautiful cake. The key is to grease the pan well!

After baking it as directed, I let it cool for about 30 minutes before removing it from the bundt cake pan.

Once it has cooled some, I turn it over and gently dump it out on my cake plate to let it completely cool before adding the frosting.

Next, we frost it. Since I was not doing a good enough job to please my younger daughter, Kallie, she jumped in to finish it. We use cream cheese frosting, but I am sure you can experiment with others of your choosing. It is helpful to microwave your frosting for about 10 seconds so the frosting will apply more smoothly.

Now for the fun part – add the topping! The main thing I like about making this cake is that it is a beautiful mess! I am not very good with delicate things so the fact that I can be as messy (or sloppy) as I typically am with these type of things, makes it even better, really BETTER! It is one fancy delicious mess!!!

I usually buy the Heath Bar crumbles, but today I could not get my hands on any at our local grocer, so we grabbed a couple of bars in the checkout line. I took my little pounding hammer in the kitchen and pounded my candy bars into little pieces before unwrapping them.

Start the topping by adding the Heath Bar Sprinkles.

Next, we added the white morsels! Yes, this cake is VERY RICH!

Lastly, we drizzle it with caramel topping! YUM-YUM! Now you know why she named it The YUM-YUM Cake!

And this is one happy 24 year old! Happy Birthday, Kassie!

Gina Duke is a Mom, HR Consultant, Blogger, Women’s Ministry Leader and Author of “Organizing Your Prayer Closet”. Click here to subscribe to her blog and feel free to follow her on Twitter @TheGinaDuke.

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