Despite my ministry in prayer, the truth is, I am not trying to become an expert on prayer. Actually, I am trying to become an expert on discovering God’s will for my life (day-to-day, and in the big picture), and no one can do that for me, but me, and no one else can do that for you, but you. AND none of us can do this without an effective prayer life.

Today’s Powerful Prayer Tip will focus on the three-legged stool that I believe every believer must be solidly situated upon. It will not only develop your prayer life, but stop the threat of haphazard living.

What makes the three legs of my stool so important is that the combination of the three can squelch haphazard living. Think how powerful that could be! Why do so many of us Christians live haphazardly? Let it not be! We should live calm, Spirit-controlled, Spirit-led lives. Let me share a little more about the reason these three disciplines can help you develop a powerful prayer life that will stop haphazard living.

If you really want to hear God speak to you, then you have to be reading God’s Word daily – it is just that simple. Here is why: If you are consistently in God’s Word, His specific word for your situation will find you! If we are not reading the Bible, then it will be difficult to hear God. You may occasionally get a “word” from another believer, a preacher’s sermon or a “rhema” word from God (Matt. 16:16-17), but I am talking about consistently being able to discern God’s leading on a regular, daily basis. Who wants to only be able to occasionally hear a “word” from the Lord? Not me. I do not want to live haphazardly, any day! Click here to see the various ways you can easily read scripture daily.

Excerpt from “Organizing Your Prayer Closet”

Church Engagement is not the same as church attendance. Church attendance operates from the heart of a Christian consumer, while church engagement operates from the heart of a Christian contributor.

For a Christian contributor, church is not about what they are getting out of it, but how they are contributing to the body of Christ.

If you are not sure which you are, ask yourself these questions: Am I utilizing my spiritual giftings (teaching, service, administration, shepherding, etc.)? Am I active in the ministry God has called me to (children’s, shut-in’s, the marginalized, women’s, etc.)? Am I tithing to provide the financial support that insures the bride of Christ can function as He intended? Am I supporting my church’s mission or am I church member of “NO”, complaining and critical of new ideas to win the lost and disciple believers? If you are only a pew sitter, which typically makes up 80% of any given church, then, dear one, you are missing out on a critical piece of your relationship with God. The things that God shares with us are typically about furthering His kingdom, and if we are not engaged then why would He tell us anything? When we desire to be a contributor, it will automatically create engagement within the body of Christ.

Yes, I’ve written a book about structured prayer journaling, which has given me a unique perspective on prayer. I am passionate about structured prayer journaling because that is how I can see God at work in my personal prayer life. When I write down those things I am praying about, it is like bringing things from the spiritual realm into my visual presence where I can then see God physically moving in my life! It is amazing! So many times we mentally throw things up to God, but then we are unable to track it; therefore, we cannot see what He is doing most of the time. Think about the numerous things we pray over daily. If we are not making a written record of it, we cannot not only see what He is doing, but we miss out on the lessons learned by His movement. As I begin to see God move, I can also take note of His wisdom in the how and when. I learn so much about Him through the developments. Prayer is more than getting the answer I want; it is an important part of developing an intimate relationship with Him.

“The Prayer Closet Organizer” sample – 52 weekly worksheets are enclosed within “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” book.

Click here to see more information on my book, “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” and structured prayer journaling.

If you are solidly situated on the 3 legged stool that I just described you will develop a powerful prayer life, become a Christian contributor, and be able to stop haphazard living.

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Gina Duke is the author of “Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray” (Abingdon Press). She would love to have you subscribe to her blog at Look for her on Pinterest – Gina Duke / Churchtown Ministries. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheGinaDuke

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