“I.Will.Pray.For.You.” There they are – the 5 famous last words of a Christian! Sound familiar? We say it all the time. Anytime someone comes within our general vicinity with the slightest sad story, we automatically say, “I will pray for you”. It is our auto-pilot Christian response. Only if you can say “I will pray for you” with all genuineness should it be allowed, but how often we leave the situation, giving the request no other thought. Too many times to count?

Now the end of all things is near; therefore, be serious and disciplined for prayer. 1 Peter 4:7

Don’t let Peter’s words, “the end of all things is near” fool you into thinking this is an end-time scripture because it is not. Peter is trying to interject a sense of urgency into our prayer life. What he is really saying is that for every matter that you are aware of (think of 3 things you know of right now that need prayer) because those issues are going to be resolved one way or the other. It is important that we pray over them immediately. Don’t wait until your neighbors file for divorce to pray over their marriage when three months ago you were aware of their marital problems.

I once said these 5 famous last words to a friend and then completely forgot about her urgent prayer request to pray for her father who was undergoing testing for cancer. I don’t know how I could have forgot it, well, yes, I do. I am very scatterbrained; I was working mad hours, raising kids, and rushing around like a crazy woman trying to survive the day to day rat race. But that was NO EXCUSE! There are important things at stake in these prayer requests, so we do not have the luxury to be absent-minded when it comes to prayer needs.

I was so mad at and disappointed in myself over forgetting that important prayer request, I resolved to NEVER let this happen again! Here are the 5 things I did to insure that I make good on those 5 famous last words, “I will pray for you.”

1. Pray immediately. When it is appropriate, stop and pray with that person right then. This is a sure fire way to follow through with your friend’s request and will provide the most comfort to your friend.

2. Pray silently. If you are unable to pray with that person immediately, then lift the issue up to God as soon as you get a free moment. Remember, you can pray anytime, anywhere and without ceasing!

3. Write it down. Make a note. Record it in your daily planner. The key is to jot it down so it will jog you memory later when you have time for prayer.

4. Survey your day. As your day comes to a close take time to reflect. Recall anytime during the day that you were made aware of a prayer need.

5. Use Prayer Journaling. Become disciplined in prayer through using a prayer journal. A prayer journal keeps up with all those things you are praying over. For more information on the one I use, click here.

Have you ever said those “5 Famous Last Words”? What’s your story, and how did you learn to follow-through with your commitment?

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Gina Duke is the author of “Organizing Your Prayer Closet: A New and Life-Changing Way to Pray” (Abingdon Press). She would love to have you subscribe to her blog at GinaDuke.com. Look for her on Pinterest – Gina Duke / Churchtown Ministries. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter @TheGinaDuke

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