I cannot stress how important it is to be in God’s Word if you want clarity for Christian living. I believe many of the things we pray about has already been answered in scripture. When we don’t know what to do, scripture can usually provide the answer. When God speaks to us, it is typically through His Word. God’s Word can calm us, direct us, correct us, lead us and confirm our way. It is so exciting that I don’t want to miss any opportunity to be counseled by it.

I look forward to every opportunity I have to get into God’s Word. Every time I approach God’s Word in any number of formats and avenues I can’t wait to see what new thing God is going to teach or reveal to me. When we anticipate a new revelation about God’s Word, He never disappoints.

Here are my 7 simple ways to consume large amounts of scripture weekly:

1) Start each day with a devotional book. Beth Moore’s 90 Day devotionals on David and Paul have been my favorites. Many women at my church love the “Journey” devotionals (Lifeway). I want to use Masterworks Bible Study curriculum more because it is a good way to read a short version of popular books by amazing Christian authors. (It has a daily format for personal reflection).

2) From prepared index cards, recite selected scriptures during your commute to work or while running errands. Most of the time I use this method when I am intentionally addressing sin or a stronghold. Sadly, no telling how many times I’ve had to go back to the set of scriptures that deal with the tongue.

3) Periodically study your upcoming Sunday School lesson or Small Group topic throughout the week. I like to read the scripture through once and take some time to meditate upon it myself before I read the included commentary. It gives God a better opportunity to speak to me before my mind is directed to the writer’s points, which are also God-inspired. As other scriptures about the lesson come to mind throughout the week, I research them. I also read from Wiersbe and MacArthur commentaries before Sunday as well. When I have extra time I like to read more commentaries that are located on www.BibleHub.com.

4) Regularly read good Christian books, which will certainly be sharing scripture. If you think you don’t have a minute to sit down and read, have you considered leaving the book in your bathroom??? Just a thought. You can always carry one in your vehicle to read during traffic jams or while sitting in waiting rooms.

5) Read and pray scripture during your daily prayer time. “Organizing Your Prayer Closet” includes scripture headers accordingly in the structured prayer journaling section. Challenge yourself to memorize them, too!

6) Listen to the Word every opportunity you get. Listen to God’s Word on the radio. Some of my favorites have been are Chuck Swindoll, Alistair Begg and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Pay attention to every worship service that you attend. Make notes if it will help you. Watch some of your favorite preachers on TV. My husband likes to watch Joel Osteen because his personality needs large doses of encouragement. Consider listening to your favorite female ministers of God’s Word on YouTube. I love me some Lisa Bevere!!! There is nothing like having the Word of God wash over you.

7) Before going to bed read scripture out loud from a Bible that you do not typically read from – like a chronological Bible or The Message. I like to read to my hubby, and then quiz him for fun (just to make sure he is still awake and listening – lol).

If you only incorporate a few of these methods, you will be thrilled by how often God speaks to you. You will be transformed by the Holy Scriptures. You will be encouraged and energized by the power of the Word. Godly wisdom will be added to your life. The possibilities are endless!

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