God speaks to us in so many ways, but there is one thing we must possess if we want to hear (or see) Him –


A pure heart has pure motives and an authentic desire to hear from God, and see Jesus in your decisions!

Please watch my video for a modern day example!

What I have realized about a fleece when used with pure motives is that it is the same thing as when we ask God for a confirmation. No one wants to be deceived by the enemy, so it is perfectly acceptable to use some form of a “fleece” when in doubt of God’s direction. As long as we are truly committed to following after God, a request for verification is not only acceptable, but also smart.

For a Moment of Clarity: Pay attention to not only to when God gives you a confirmation, but also to how He gives you that confirmation. I am under the assumption that God deals with each of us individually and consistently, in such a way that we can recognize His voice. A fleece worked for my friend, so she used that method repeatedly with great success. How do you recognize when it is God speaking to you?

For Organizing Your Prayer Closet: Write down those things that need confirmation in your life and pray over them. Ask God to establish His specific and very familiar pattern for you to recognize in the future. It will make your time of prayer more simple.

God bless!

~ gina

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