Jesus desired the best for His people, Christians, and He describes this vision to His disciples in Matthew, chapter 5. Jesus’ ministry on earth was new and so were his disciples. They had been traveling for a while, and now throngs of people were following after Jesus. He looked out over the crowd, then sat his disciples down to describe this vision He had for the Kingdom of God. In essence, unbelievers should experience these traits in their interactions with Christians.

Matthew 5:5 Says:

Blessed are the meek,
for they will inherit the earth.

Watch my video for further explanation of this Beatitude.

If I am honest, I feel as if I have been a sloppy Christian lately. I have felt a little “off” in my Christ-like representation. Nothing big, but a couple of things I have done and said this past week did not really honor God, despite some of my best intentions. Do you ever have off-moments like these? Well, I decided I needed to regroup. Unbroken, unbridled horses are unuseful!

For Your Moment of Clarity:

In case you, too, feel the need to straighten up, here are some things I am doing to reposition the bit in my mouth so I can be a Christian who displays “strength under discipline” and therefore, will be qualified as an advanced contributor in the kingdom of God:

1) Limit my exposure to social media, pop culture and needless bits of information that distract me from eternal things

2) Refocus on higher things – those things with eternal value, and make them a priority

3) Recommit myself to starting out my day reminding myself of the ministry God has called me to, so my actions, responses and endeavors will be in line with I know I must accomplish for God

4) Be more prayerful (I’ve been slackingL)

5) Renew my mind with more of God’s word (I’ve been lazy about this lately!)

Just a few minor adjustments should make a major difference in my spirit.

For Organizing Your Prayer Closet:

When praying over sharing the gospel with the lost, think about how you also may be exhibiting signs of a sloppy Christian and ask God to help you remain focused on eternal things, which should impact your actions.

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